A Rescued Kitten We Named Kiki

Tuesday, 3 Feb 2015: The gf rescued a kitten from the canal after her Mom heard the kitten meowing away loudly the entire morning.

(null)The kitten was in shock for 2 days, refusing to eat, drink, pee or poo.

Wednesday, 4 Feb 2015: We named the kitten ‘Kiki’ and brought it to Light of Life Vet. We totally have no experience with cats, not to mention kittens. We even thought Kiki was a girl, but it’s actually a HE. hahaha.

(null)The people at the vet were really kind. The vet spent a lot of time checking him and trying to induce Kiki to pee since he had been restraining. We brought home a sample box of Kitten dry food too.

(null)Kiki hid in the temporary bag that was BabyChia’s.

(null)The gf trying to lure him out to pee after we bought him his litter.

(null)Kiki exploring slowly and carefully.

(null)New small cage bought!

(null)First milk feed by syringe since he didn’t dare to drink by himself. Thankfully Kiki loves milk!

(null)On the 3rd day, we bought Kiki some catnip toys and he started to come out of his cage to play!

(null)Sooooo cute, isn’t it?

(null)Peeping through his peek-a-boo toy.

(null)But because he had such a fun day, he was reluctant to go back to the cage. That night, he screamed, yelled and threatened to tear down the house until past 3am. The gf & I became grumpy pandas the next day.

(null)Scratch post bought and he had lots of aggressive and silly fun!

(null)Kiki also started to eat more.

(null)Eat, sleep, play, pee, poo. Cat’s life is good. LOL.

(null)(null)Our new member in the house, who drives us crazy at times but at times so cute we just melt.

The gf & I have been wanting a cat but thought it be hard cos we were scared that the cat will bully BabyChia… but Kiki the kitten came at the right time and we are glad they get along fine!

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