Company Gathering: Teppanyaki & Bowling Challenge

This is the 2nd company’s gathering ever since I joined! The previous gathering, I organized a round of mad KTV fun at Tangs Music Box and this time, another colleague planned dinner at boss’ condo followed by bowling.

(null)I fell in love with this place….! It was super windy and we heard from the boss that there is karaoke and mahjong room!! Woots!


Instead of the usual smoky BBQ pit, this place caters Teppanyaki stove!


GY & I.

(null)Surrounded by water.

(null)So honoured that my tao-eh (“head”) fry egg for me! LOL muacks!

(null)With boss’ poodle, Chewy!


After dinner, we rushed to Kallang Leisure Mall for a game of bowling. Gosh, I never bowl before in my entire life and I was pretty sure that I will be the worst bowler ever.

(null)Splitting into 2 teams for a challenge.


The losing team will have to eat green chilli. I started to have a bad feeling….

(null)Managed to find a pair of size 3.5 bowling shoes!

(null)Val & GY getting excited!

(null)Like me, GY is also a first-timer!

(null)Then it was Val’s turn. I wondered how she’s gonna play with her long nails….


(null)Laugh die us!

(null)All the ladies.

(null)Sad to say… me and this person same team! That means that I ate green chilli… crunchy like an apple sia! wahahaha!

(null)Live2Move Pain Relief Patch for our soon-to-be-aching-backs!

Conclusion: I am not cut out for bowling. To those who offered to teach me, thank you but never mind la I can sit and watch ok already. ;-p


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