The Piglet Bun

Last Saturday while on our way to my grandma house, Jesz & I decided to drop off at Hougang Central to grab a bite first.IMG_4597.JPGAfter the snack, we realized that the raved-about piglet bun is just here at the coffeeshop opposite Hougang Mall!

Of course we gotta try it out so we tabao-ed 2 to try. The uncle & auntie very attitude and fierce leh… like pekchek when we ordered and were abit confused if it’s ala-carte or a meal… and stared at us when we tried to take a photo. Aiyo why like that? They famous liao mah no need so dao right?

Anyway, I love piglets alot! I can’t say the same for pork lah but the bun looks so cute on their menu!

IMG_4598.JPGWent up to grandma’s to faster open up…. errrr why my pig’s nose wrong direction one?! LOL

We tried the pork and also the ham & egg one. Both very nice! #VeryHungryNow Ok, I don’t mind sitting there to eat some day.

Where: Block 811 Hougang Central #01-206 Singapore 530811.

Click HERE for their Facebook page.


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