The Health Update

It’s been more than half a year since the kidney infection & cysts detection.

This is the CT scan of my kidney. Notice the cyst in my right kidney (on your left)? Showing such a personal report here seems inappropriate, but I thought it might be useful to some in future.

IMG_4422.JPGThe last 6 months was a tiring one for me as I gotta shuttled between hospitals for checkups and reviews and just as I was feeling really weary for the health state and my wallet, I received the best news to end my year 2014!

October 2014: I did a blood test in KKH and they told me that my tumor marking was high.

November 2014: I did a scan, they found fibroid but told me it was nothing much to be concerned about and that my ovary cyst has probably shrunk so much that they were unable to detect.

Officially “discharged” and only require to follow-up in a year’s time. I take it as good news.

December 2014: Got a scan for the kidney in CGH. The report came back indicating a big shrink in the kidney cyst! The infection was cleared.

The doctor looked at me: “Usually for kidney cysts, they maintain the size or grow bigger.”

I take it as very good news then!

I thought about my diet, any difference in my lifestyle or products…… All I can think of is, I really diligently use my Ageless Herbal Cream every night! Once a month, I will head to Hygeia to do my MTM Therapy that uses Ageless Herbal Cream! I find it very good to treat my hormonal and body issues!

On top of that, I drink a bottle of Hasbo Deep Ocean Water almost every day, together with 2 Algaecal pills. I was sponsored a month’s supply of Biocode Brightening Beverage which is a good beauty & wellness boost but I can’t say for sure if this is the key to my cysts reduction since I took it for a month only.

Hence, my best guess is the cream coupled with my favourite MTM Therapy & the Hasbo Water.

I am glad that I learnt how to take care of my body better and that I got to know of products which can help me. I used to be quite ‘niao” (stingy) to spend on wellness products on myself, but as I grow older, I see the importance!

My recent full body checkup shown a high uric acid from my urine test. That is why I always have pains in the body and I was advised to cut down on my protein intake which includes my favorites: tofu, egg, chicken ;-(

To a HEALTHY 2015!

(Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial. I input the links for your reference should you need to find out more.)



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