Happy 1st Anniversary

In relationships, some may ask “Are we happy?” and some “Is he/she good to me?”

For year 2015, I’m gonna ask myself: “Are we improving on ourselves?” & “What kind of things can we achieve together if we are committed as each other’s lifetime partner?”

frankiejohn.comThe kinds of improvements refer to self-actualization, respect, behavior, languages used and attitude. We must always remember, the ones closest to us are those who get hurt the most by our negative remarks and actions.
Time and punctuality builds the respect a person has for others.

No surprise that I got us watches for our anniversary presents! 😉 and Coincidentally it’s both our first Casio G-shock & baby-G! Finally a sporty addition to all our watches!

IMG_4020.JPGIt’s our 1st Anniversary today, so I am publishing this post on the 11th at 01.11pm haha.

(Ps: Couldn’t find my published post and was in a frenzy until I found out that i posted it as 11-01-2014. Very clever.)

e8697e7fed30cfa14ab0debf7072a1d0Hi dear, to make our 1st anni more special, I decided not to give you mushy messages. If you love me very much, you should appreciate me annoying you. Thank you. ;-p

With much love.


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