Staycation: Naumi Hotel

Being a sucker for staycations, it no longer surprise me when the girlfriend just book a one or two night stay in some singapore boutique hotel. 😉

IMG_3850.JPGJust last weekend, we escaped to Naumi Hotel at 41 Seah Street, a fantastic location which is just 5 minutes away from Bugis Junction and Raffles City.

The gf had booked the Habitat Room initially with a “you gotta try this package”.

Some of the benefits are:

  • PerksBreakfast for 2 with healthy dining options
  • Late check-out till 3pm
  • Complimentary minibar with liquor miniatures, coffee, tea, snacks and soft drinks
  • Complimentary wine & beer at the lobby from 4.30pm to 6.30pm

A day before, she was offered a room upgrade to the Oasis category at an additional S$50++per night. The package remained so we went ahead with it.

The amount totalled $409.50 (inclusive of all tax).

IMG_3843.JPGSo ready to explore the hotel!

IMG_3841.JPGIMG_3825.JPGSee that “Magic glass” button? Scroll down to find out what is it for!

IMG_3826.JPGStep right into the room and this is our first view: wardrobe, mini pantry & working desk.

IMG_3827.JPGIMG_3828.JPGCoffee machine for us to help ourselves to.

IMG_3830.JPGAnd of course, whatever is in the fridge is also complimentary.IMG_3829.JPGAs well as all this. Unfortunately the one-night stay was too short for us to thoroughly enjoy these complimentary items.

IMG_3824.PNGI love the colors of this Oasis room – black, white and oak.

IMG_3837.JPGThe bed with a panorama view and automatic curtains.

IMG_3831.JPGRemember that “Magic Glass” functions?

Now you see it….

IMG_3832.JPGNow you don’t.

(Duh… I realize the photos ain’t showing very well.)

IMG_3833.JPGWe do feel pampered. A waste is we don’t use bath-tubs, so we can only “admire” it.

IMG_3834.JPGWhy is mirror selfie a must in all hotel reviews blogs?

It’s a subtle way of I’m-humble-and-shy-but-I-actually-wanna-haolian kinda selfie lol.

Bath essentials.
IMG_3839.JPGSomeone had her eyes glued to the TV for a good 2 hours.

IMG_3848.JPGIroning necessities under the bed. Plus a Yoga mat.

IMG_3853.JPGIMG_3852.JPGThe room comes with a multi-charging cable for mobile phones! Yay!

IMG_3851.JPGInfinity pool.

Silly gf forgot to bring her bikini so I can only feast my eyeballs and rack my imagination for that long-craved swim.

IMG_3856.JPGWe were brought to a “secret” level when we got a change of room as the water basin in the first room had a small glitch.

2 gifts sat on the bed – scented candles in lovely leather boxes.

Together with a handwritten note by the hotel’s assistant guest relations manger.

Thank you John & the rest of the staff for being so sweet & attentive!

Simple, yet hearty breakfast that’s available till 11am! Great for those who sleeps in late!


The gf & I enjoyed this staycation & will definitely return if there’s a chance!

Click here for their Facebook page.


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