My Christmas

~Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, this very year, I am thankful you didn’t give it away!~

IMG_4020-0.JPGWe wanted a chillax kinda Christmas and my sexy babe jio-ed us for buffet dinner so we were really looking forward!

IMG_4021-0.JPGIMG_4022-0.JPGGoofing around while waiting for the friends to pick us up.

IMG_4006.JPGMomiji at Revenue House

IMG_4015.JPGNot exactly the most appetite-whetting photo, but this is what we are here for! OYSTERS~~~~

IMG_4016.JPGCold Alaskan Crab & Gong Gong! By the way, what is gong gong in english??

IMG_4014.JPGDifferent varieties of Chawanmushi to choose from!


Heyyo! We made our own waffles! Super easy & yummy!

IMG_4019.JPGTopped with 2 scoops of Ice Cream, fat & nice.


IMG_4024.JPGGroupie shot by the shortest person with the shortest hands in the group. Not bad eh? Everyone in the frame leh!

IMG_4025.JPGMy darling girls muacks



After dinner, it was a 4-hour KTV session! Woots!

IMG_4028.JPGWe had a good Christmas day. Nothing too energy-draining nor perspiring in the crowd.

Thank you for the lovely Xmas gifts! 😉


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