The Nasty Things My Ex-Boyfriend Did To Me

Hi there. Those who have been reading this blog for some time would probably have not seen me dating any guys. But I did, many many years ago. Even though I no longer hate men, I do remember most of the nasty things they did.


Today, let me share with you this particular “ah beng” that I dated 12 years ago. A friend introduced this ah beng (who is his cousin) to me. He stayed in the east too and it was really convenient meeting up etc. He’s short, and I didn’t like very tall guys so it was fine.

We were together for only less than 4 months because he:

  • Told me that I’m ugly without makeup
  • Not to scare his family when I was without makeup, hence I gotta sleep with makeup on
  • Forced me to finish my food when I couldn’t & I gotta eat up everything fast (even if I puked)
  • My friends (be it girls or boys) can NOT text me. If they do, he would give me a harsh time in public
  • My world had to revolve only around him
  • He strangled, slapped, banged my head against the pillar and kicked me
  • demands me to look and act happy in front of his friends
  • acted extra nice to me in front of his friends so that everyone will think he’s a saint
  • He threatened to go to my house to create a nuisance if I tried to break up with him
  • He was being “cornered” by my bosses/colleagues when he tried to create trouble at my workplace
  • He had a scandal with my best friend

Seriously, this guy is crap and ugly as shit. I blamed myself for believing him that I was ugly when he’s much uglier. And I was very shocked that he began dating my secondary school classmate and eventually got married. I hope this girl doesn’t suffer like I did. And yes, I hated/hate him so much I wanna spit at his face. Thankfully, I didn’t see his ugly face anywhere yet since we broke up.

hahahahaha-yayimage source

For you, the biggest jerk, if you even happen to read this post. You are welcome. 😉


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