Beauty & Wellness Boost: Biocode Brightening Beverage

When I heard that a box of Biocode Brightening Beverage (10 bottles) is selling for SGD$180, I went: “What collagen drink demands such a price?!”


Meditrina sponsored me a month’s supply of this beverage, I gladly took it up (coz it’s worth $540 lol & I read about the goodness of the ingredients) and set off on a mission to discover why is Biocode Brightening Beverage not a typical beauty whitening drink.

Fact: I just kinda became over-concerned and extra careful with my health after June’s hospital episode.

let’s find out more about this product before I tell you what I think!

Biocode Brightening Beverage is:

    • 1st complete, macrobiotic beauty drink
    • Formulated for post aesthetic surgery care
    • Powerful anti-oxidant; prevents melanin formation
    • Strengthens immunity; removes free radicals and maintains intestinal health
    • Protects skin from formation of wrinkles
    • Collagen is of minimum molecular weight, hence it maximises absorption
    • Improves physiological functions and helps ease menopausal symptoms

What are the key ingredients present in Biocode Brightening Beverage?

3 patented ingredients:

  • Highly purified Ellagic acid that is extracted from pomegranate extract
  • Highly purified glutathione extracted from yeast
  • MangoSelect® ( Mangosteen extract)

3 Superfood Berries: Acai Berry, Cranberry, Blueberry

1 Fish Scale Collagen

What are the benefits of Yeast extracted Glutathione (GSH)? 

  • Termed “Super Anti-oxidant”, GSH is naturally occurring in our body
  • Eliminates free radicals and is widely used as a detoxifying agent for the treatment of liver diseases
  • Reduces toxins in the body
  • Protect cells from injuries caused by toxins and free radicals
  • Improves immunity levels
  • Overall skin lightening

The rest of the ingredients all have very high anti-oxidant properties and sure has its own beauty + wellness benefits. Every mouthful is potent dosage of tonic!


Day 1 on Biocode

I had purposely normalize my skin with bSoul certified natural skincare first so that skin condition is at a stable stage. If Biocode is as formidable as they claimed, my skin can be challenged to look even better!

I had the runs for a whole week. It’s not the painful diarrhea kind, so I guess I really must had a lot of toxins!

What is the recommended consumption usage? 

To see guaranteed results in 30 days, drink 1 bottle of Biocode Brightening Beverage daily in the morning with an empty stomach as our skin takes 28 days to rejuvenate. If you have a history of poor gastric health, consume after food.

If your budget allows, continue taking 1 bottle a day for another 2 months. This is to help improve the physiological functions of our body. A healthy body will help our skin appear more radiant!

Otherwise, take 1 bottle every 2-3 days for maintenance.

And to ensure I drink mine religiously, I left my 3 boxes in the office. Which means I am drinking it unchilled, 5 days a week. Unlike some other collagen drinks which taste like shit unchilled, I find Biocode’s fruity/citrus taste much to my liking!


Week 2 on Biocode

I have been going out and to work without any base makeup, only eyeliner, mascara and brows and I can’t recall if I feel any better than this before! I can rinse my mouth, give my face a splash of water when I feel tired without worrying that my makeup streaks.

Bowels not as sensitive, but working extremely fine.


Week 3 on Biocode

Totally loving how my skin looks! Skin feels more taut and youthful! Who would believe that I’m gonna hit the big 3! #SelfPraise #thickskin


 Week 4 on Biocode

I noticed my face has turned slightly brighter, as in more even skin tone (ok I know I already quite fair haha) and also I think I fall sick less often in this month as compared to previous months.

Biocode comparison table

Click here for the factsheet.

If you think Biocode Brightening Beverage is what you are looking for, you can use the purchase code “HerineBC10%” for a 10% discount on

*Code will be valid till end of Jan 2015.

Delivery is free and for every $10 you spend, you get to accumulate 1 credit point which can be used to rebate $1 off your future online purchases!

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