Yu Xiang Yan: Freshly Cooked and Delivered Bird's Nest

What do you like to see when you go home after a long, tiring working day? A small little parcel, be it something you bought online for yourself or a gift from someone, or the PR agency?


I came home one fine night nursing a bad cough and fatigue that never seemed to go off…. to freshly cooked and delivered Bird’s Nest that comes with an exquisite porcelain bowl, spoon, heating pack, plus recyclable base that you can plant a small bansai for home or office.

Well well, that’s sweet! Although fortunately, the cooked bowl of bird’s nest ain’t the sweet kind that I dislike. 😉


Even though I had it hours after it was being delivered, it was still warm and pretty comforting on a cooling night.


Price ranges from $26/bowl to $227/10 bowls.

If you like affordable Bird’s Nest to enjoy at home or with your family and love ones, you can call them to order. Delivery is free!

+65 6842 6855 / +65 6842 5852 (Operating hours: 9am – 7pm)

Alternatively, you can order online: http://www.yuxiangyan.com/online-store/

Click HERE to find out more.


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