The Dog Walks His Humans

Suddenly remember this funny incident some time back so I went to dig out the photos in my phone!

After dinner, the gf & I decided to bring Baby Chia for his walk and he was so excited and totally anticipating it!

photo 1 (1)

 “gai gai” is ALL he thinks about. Okie, and mum-mum.

photo 2

The moment we were downstairs, BabyChia was looking here & there and refusing to budge.

photo 3

So, we thought perhaps we change a route. There was a small drain which he usually shouldn’t have any problem leaping over it, but that fine day, Baby Chia just found his new hideout.

photo 4

 Gf giving a very buey-tahan-dunno-want-cry-or-laugh look.

Dunno why he was just so kaypoh looking everywhere and at everybody. The walk was of course unsuccessful, but it might just be his successful walk-the-humans session.

Oh Baby Chia.


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