Sat-ur-day with the furkids!

I bought gf‘s shihtzu, Baby Chia a brand-new dog carrier bag at only $25 on Carousell & was so excited that we got to use it last Saturday! IMG_1161.JPG Baby Chia was so funny, he faced the back of the bag and his butt faced the front and we gotta keep calling him just so he would turn around. Pal came to pick us up so we didn’t  have to try to get a cab! IMG_1167.JPG

And so, Baby Chia’s  “离家出走记” (run away from home episode) began! ;-p


Picked up a random dude.

*sniffs* *sniffs*

IMG_1174.JPG Suddenly very panicky and regretting his choice to share his ride. LOL IMG_1162.JPG Baby Chia hasn’t learnt how to interact with his own species in the last 8 years, but he’s always comfortable around human beings! The gf says he thinks that he is a human. IMG_1164.JPG We brought Baby Chia & pal’s new Chiwawa, Buddy out looking for a pet-friendly cafe. We first went to this III Cafe, but the bigger dogs there overwhelms Baby Chia & Buddy and anyway, it’s only by reservation basis. IMG_1163.JPG We then decided to head to Melba cafe which has outdoor seating but unfortuantely, they are no longer dog-friendly! IMG_1188.JPG Me, pal & little buddy! IMG_1190.JPG ❤ this 2 girls! 😉 IMG_1189.JPG   IMG_1182.JPG We went to the hawker center at old airport road to take away some food to go back to pal’s house for a mini party instead! IMG_1183.JPG IMG_1187.JPG Hey buddy! IMG_1186.JPG My pretty with her little cutie. IMG_1165.JPG When we were back at pal’s house, Baby Chia out of the norm pooped at her doorstep & we immeditately bought 4D & won a small sum! Woohoo!! Indeed golden dung!! IMG_1178.JPG Tired Baby Chia. *Yawns* IMG_1180.JPG IMG_1177.JPG See his happy but sleepy face! IMG_1191.JPG And a sleeping Buddy! IMG_1181.JPG


IMG_1175.JPG IMG_1176.JPG I love our weekends! ❤


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