K Suites

Visited K Suites some time back, thanks to the gf’s planning, if not we forever “nua” (slack) at home hahah!


For people who really enjoy singing and good sound system, K Suites’ probably the place for you, if you don’t mind paying a higher price for it. Jesz booked us the Cosy Bed Suite, you can check out the photos here.

However one thing about K Suites that I do not like is that they don’t display their prices on their website, and it’s not exactly easy to navigate.

We were informed of the prices before we were sent into our room, and were told that the drinks will be under the “package”, but end of the session, we still paid for the drinks. SHRUGS.

Paid over $100 for two of us, 3 hours singing.


Food & drinks very decent though.


We love the sandwiches the most!

2 short clips on us singing!

Duet: 制造浪漫

All time favourite old song! 😉

And one of me singing Hebe’s 我想我不会爱你.


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