Baby Chia

We are halfway through the week & to a long weekend!

And since it’s mid-week, I shall post something light! (haha, excuses lah, no time to blog)

How about some cute shihtzu pics? 😉

20140723-162335-59015372.jpgBaby Chia is gf’s 8-yr-old Shihtzu who happens to share the same birthday as me!

The above pic was taken when he was feeling sluggish and can’t be bothered by the toys I put on his back. Usually he doesn’t like us taking his photos too, so most of the times we gotta be patient and wait just to snap a good one!

babyBaby Chia only gets really excited if he hears “mum mum” or “gai gai” which means eat & go out.

He will keep jumping onto our laps if we are bringing him out or when we get home.

20140723-162335-59015743.jpgBut when we are going out……. 20140723-162335-59015930.jpg

 He just stares at us and hardly come near.


The weather got too humid, so as usual, once a month or two, Baby Chia will be given a bald cut…. which he isn’t very happy about. He comes back from the groomer acting weird. I guess he feels naked?


All the more he hates having his photos taken.

But don’t worry, he will be fine in a few days! 😉

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