Things about Beauty Salons That You Never Know

We all visit beauty salons and today I’m gonna let you in on some little secrets that not all of you may know.


It looks clean perhaps but mostly only changed after 3-6 facial customers or 2 massage customers. If you are lucky, you get a fresh one. 1/7 chance.


Washed but may not have undergone a thorough cleaning. Many could have oil or wax stains that don’t go off.

Changing Gowns
If it does not look dirty on the outside nor wet, this piece of clothing that hugs your skin only goes in the washing machine maybe once a month? Oh wow.

Your therapist may not be certified. Her hands can feel really good on your skin but if she doesn’t know her basic theory, most likely she learnt her skills from someone else and just practiced mightily.

Founder aka director
Sometimes this person in the company may be the person with the lousiest knowledge. #justsaying


60-70% of the time you are not receiving the right treatment. Worse if the salon is just out to make money. Plenty of them stopped learning and stay stagnant.

What works last time may or  may not work now.

Would you be more observant in future when you visit beauty salons? Do talk to them and take the chance to hear what they can (or cannot) share.

Do you have any secrets to add on? Let me know if you want them to be added on to this list!


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