Opening of Modern Style Hair Salon in Tampines!

Introducing my new hair sponsor that’s just 10 minutes walking distance from my house! Not only it’s frigging near where I stay, the prices are also quite affordable!

And it’s even more affordable when you quote “Herine” to get a 20% discount!

 photo hw_modernstyle_opening_7_zpsffaf8caa.jpg

I attended Modern Style Hair Salon’s official launch in the first week of June together with the MFP crew and some bloggers.

Check out the event coverage by MFP here and read on to see my first hair beautifying session with my hairstylist, Tonny!

 photo hw_modernstyle_opening_14_zpsb033c515.jpg

 Hair styling done for the opening event.

 photo hw_modernstyle_opening_10_zpsc0410beb.jpg

With 3 more ambassadors – Jean, Theresa & Wendy.

 photo hw_modernstyle_opening_22_zps901a96ca.jpg

 photo hw_modernstyle_opening_61_zpsfe54048a.jpg

 Wendy & I having a short interview by the Emcee.

Then, I made an appointment with Tonny a week after the event but unfortunately, I had really bad kidney infection and was hospitalized. Don’t neglect a nagging back pain, it could be something worse than you thought! (Read about it HERE)

 photo anigif_zps0cc7c45b.gif

So after I was discharged, I spent an entire week resting before deciding it’s time to try get out of the house and go do something to my over-grown hair! It was only a 10-min walk for me!

I told Tonny that I needed a rebond, cut and perhaps a new color (only that I didn’t know what color I really wanted) and all I did was sit there and chat and wait. HEHE.

 photo CIMG0957_zps0ad2d447.jpg

Thankfully the rebonding cream “washed” off quite a bit of my previous pink dye!

And Tonny decided on a color that can counter the reddish tones WITHOUT having to bleach my thin hair! Awesome!

 photo CIMG0958_zps85f97b19.jpg

Applied base color. Guess what color is it?

No, it’s not yellow.

 photo CIMG0960_zps39f7b06b.jpg

I was telling Tonny the color looks like bird’s poo on my head and we both really LOL!

During the rebonding and coloring, Tonny kept applying some pre lotion to protect my strands from the chemical and also when I complained that the soap I used in the hospital itches my scalp, he sprayed some anti-itch mist onto my scalp to relieve the itch. So considerate!!

 photo watermarked1_zpse682496e.jpg

Tadah~~ My new hair color! The base is ash green with partial intense dark green color! (the dark green looks blue-ish here though but it is fading after wash)

He even brushed some intense green over my bangs like 5 mins before washing it off and the colors turn out so natural! It’s like a whole head green ombre!!

 photo watermarked2_zps4ae35c08.jpg

He didn’t even do hair treatment for me BUT my hair was so smooth and didn’t feel dry at all! First time sia! Did Tonny secretly put some magic potion or was it that pre lotion thingy???

 photo CIMG0969_zps766a6307.jpg

Pardon me, didn’t realize this photo is blurry but the main point is, I love the thick cut. Everyone knows HOW LITTLE my hair is, and how difficult it is to give me a voluminous haircut. Thanks Tonny!

 photo CIMG0968_zps2471ed75.jpg

 One photo with Tonny!

 photo photo1_zps493aa0d5.jpg

 2nd day after wash and right in front of the window.

Modern Style Salon price list:

  • Hair Cut – $20 to $38
  • Hair Wash – $18 to $28
  • Hair Treatment – $68 to $108
  • Scalp Treatment – $98
  • Hair Color – $68 to $108
  • Highlight/Lowlight – $68 to $98
  • Soft Rebonding – $88 to $158
  • Digital Perm – $98 to $188
  • Cold Perm – $68 to $88

20% Promo code: “MFPHerine”

Address: 5 Tampines Central 6, #01-10 Telepark, Singapore 529482
Operating Hours: 10:30am to 8:30pm (Mon – Fri); 10:30am to 7pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)
Contact: 6789 9366

Click HERE to link to their Facebook Page!


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