bSoul: Nature For My Skin's Needs

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This must be the longest period of time I take to test out products before I do the review officially! I wanna be really sure, you see. I’ve been ‘promoting’ this particular skincare range on my Facebook and also here (mini giveaway, comment if you haven’t!))


A certified natural skincare from Tuscany, Italy.

bSoul skincare range promises to help our skin work better than it had. It focuses on the physiological normalisation of the skin, something that we have never heard of probably.

What we should know is that if we allow our skin to, it can function much more and better than we know; provided we stop piling synthetic products and chemicals onto our faces.

What is Physiological Normalisation?

Just like any organ in our body, the skin has restoration, normalisation and reactivation properties that are determined by the physiological rhythms of nature. This means that our skin is able to self-regenerate and self-protect against external aggressors such as UV rays, humidity, bacteria, etc, which damage skin cells and cause ageing and other unwelcome effects. Our skin also has the ability to retain water as well as the nutrients in it.

Working with this philosophy, bSoul products from Italy are developed based upon extensive research into physiological normalisation as they believe that skin improvement should be enhanced with the flow of nature and not be illusory; induced by chemicals and non-biocompatible substances such as plastics, paraffin, acrylics and silicones. These last synthetics, even if combined with excellent active ingredients, actually interfere with the natural physiological activation of the skin’s free radicals antioxidant system, which includes natural moisturising, sun defense and the normal ability of the skin to self-regenerate (keratinisation).


Initial stage of skin normalizing.

Before starting on this range of products,  my skin looks relatively fine to most people. However, the existence of the clogged pores and skin texture didn’t escape my own “beautician-eyes” and some of the skincare I had used, usually just form an ‘illusory film” over the skin to make it seems nice. I also observed that my skin is rougher than before and at a point whereby it “wear and tear” easily.

3rd day on bSoul: Some areas started to turn red and itchy, dry and yet oily at the same time. This is my real skin without suppressing it.

14 days later: My skin seemingly calmed down. However, over the weekends when I’m at the gf’s house, I didn’t use bSoul products and my skin started to have some minor outbreak. Check out my laugh lines though! They became less visible! And the fine lines around my eye areas also diminished considerably!


The photos weren’t edited at all.

2 months on bSoul, my skin finally start to normalise! And because I did some research, went through their theory and logic, I can say that I am NOT changing my skincare products anymore! (Well, at least not for now!)

Why bSoul? There’s so many natural skincare out there isn’t it?

  • ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute) certified
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Eco-friendly
  • It works for me

Let’s look at the 6 products I’m using, shall we? 😉

hydra milk cleanser


Hydra-milk cleanser is a cleansing emulsion with argan oil, rosa mosqueta, extracts of rosemary, sage, thyme and natural surfactants. It cleanses physiologically respecting the hydro-lipoprotein film of the skin.

Click HERE for ingredients list.

I only use this cleanser to remove my makeup or just for gentle cleansing. It is important NOT to mix other brands of products so that they do not interfere with the normalisation process. Because I have sensitive skin, it is important that I cleanse with my last 3 fingers for the least pressure and with tap/cold water instead of lukewarm water so it doesn’t turn red easily.

(I am already halfway through my 2nd bottle!)

hydra face scrub 3action


Hydra-face scrub 3Action is a delicate scrub with jojoba, aloe and baking soda and is able to normalize cell turnover and restore skin lipids.

Click HERE for ingredients list.

This scrub is really one of a kind! The microbeads are actually jojoba seeds that break down to nourish the skin! I use this once every 3 days and my skin is smoother than before. I would bear my $138 for this seriously.

If you are wondering why there’s alcohol in the product when the brand says that they are certified natural, just for your information, Cetearyl alcohol is extracted from plants. You may like to google the ingredients or check with me if you are unsure! 😉


HYDRA-LIFT (15ML), $98

Hydra-lift is a moisturizing soft gel cream, rich in natural functional ingredients. Reduces wrinkles of the delicate eyes contour area.

Click HERE for ingredients list.

I wasn’t used to such watery consistency for an eye product initially and wasted quite a few pumps since it shot elsewhere instead of my ring fingers. I then deduced that this product would have to be dispensed on the palm. A week later I already noticed lesser fine lines and more hydrated peeps! Whist it doesn’t cure dark circles (in fact don’t think any other eye product truly has that power), it’s moisturising properties are to die for.



Redness-sinergy is a serum with a very high functional ingredients concentration suitable for redness and fragile skin. It stimulates the skin’s defense mechanism against oxidative stress. Suitable for all skin types especially for the delicate, sensitive and reactive skin.

Click HERE for ingredients list.

We ought to believe that all skin problems start with infections. Redness Sinergy serum is extremely high in its anti-oxidant properties, not just targeting redness. Everyone should start out with this serum so that the skin can stabilise before we start treating other concerns.

I used to have a HELL LOT of redness and visible micro-veins around my nose and upper lip but since using this serum, it has reduced by a good 50%!

(Also on my 2nd bottle coz Mom broke my 1st one. Haiz.)



Hydra-comfort is a soft and pleasant cream with a natural and delicate note. It restores swiftly the hydration of the skin, increases the defence from external aggressions (cold, wind, sun, etc.), prevents ageing of the skin giving comfort, brightness and smoothness.

Click HERE for ingredients list.

This cream looks extremely thick and rich BUT it absorbs to a matte, soft touch that I really adore! And let me share with you a secret…… I used this Comfort Cream as a pimple cream and it works reallllyyyyyyy WELL!

I saw a customer’s experiment photo – she used half face bSoul products but a different brand moisturizer and the other half complete bSoul products and there is indeed a huge difference! This cream is by far the most efficient working one I’ve come across!

Yesterday, I had a good look in the mirror and hooray, my neck lines are lesser now!



Hydra-lip is a cream rich in natural functional ingredients. It improves moisturizing from the first application and enhances the volume and the definition of the lips.

Click HERE for ingredients list.

I have never seen so much ingredients’ goodness in a tiny product before.

The first week of using, my lips were flaking. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the lip product drying my lips out. That period of time my lips were dry and had lotsa “dead skin” and this product made them surfaced and dropped off.

Reapplications are needed throughout the day but it got lesser after a month of using. My lips are more plump and soft without that greasy sheen over the puckers.

If by now you are dying to ask…. what happened to the SUN PROTECTION step?

Our skin has the natural ability to defend against UV rays and as long as I am not heading out for sports, I will not put sunblock. (I was skeptical at first too!) More than 2 months without sunscreen and I’ve never feel better! From the Eloscan results, it is proven that the UV spots for people who use bSoul products without sunscreen is way LOWER than people who use non-bSoul products & sunscreen!

True beauty comes from what the nature gives. (How true is this!)

hydra-normalization set

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Promo code expiry: 31 September 2014


bSoul = Be Sold. I am.

Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll be more than happy to answer! 😉

bSoul Singapore Facebook page:

Instagram: bSoul_Singapore



  1. Hi Herine! I wanted to find out how you have been doing with BSoul products so far, are you still using them? I bought the cleanser and moisturiser recently, only been using them for 2 days so far, and I hope they’ll work for me in the long run. Am keen to know how it’s been working for you.



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