That Back Pain Wasn't Just Any Pain

Hi. I am back.

Those following me on Facebook or Instagram might have known that I was hospitalized last week. It was unbelievable. I was still telling friends I have never stepped into A&E nor get warded into a hospital before. And there. My mouth jinxed myself.

And for all my concerned friends and readers who want to know exactly what happened, here goes.

Wednesday, 18 June

The day started just like any other day. I was counting my blessings and happy at work – totally ignoring the slight back pain which I brushed it off as a strain of the back muscle (which happens a lot to me).

Had lunch with my awesome colleagues at Pasta Mania, and the backache was starting to distract me. By the time I got back to office, the pain has spread to the right waist and abdomen.

Remembering how my good friend, Winnie, has suffered from a kidney infection just that week, I performed the “Kidney punch” test on myself. It was sore and achey. I don’t usually get paranoid and keep going to doctors but this time, I took 3 hours off work to rush myself to the clinic.

I was supposedly in time for the clinic downstairs my house at 5pm but my luck always run out whenever I am sick. The clinic was closed. My regular doctor was a distance away and ain’t open on a Wednesday afternoon. Tried another clinic in Century Sq at 6ish – no doctor on duty. Dragged myself to Raffles Medical (my last option coz so expensive!) and after hours, the gf hauled me home whereby my Dad later drove me to CGH (Changi General Hospital) A&E.

I was on drip for hours in A&E, and was so tired and groggy (fever and low blood pressure that was managed) that when the doctor asked me if I wanted to go home or stay for observation, I chose the former option.

Diagnosis: Cyst in the kidney and bad infection in the entire abdomen area.

BAD CHOICE. (Dad said I should have stayed so can use medisave to offset my CT scan and etc)

Thursday, 19 June

Woke up, puked and was running a high fever. Made mental note to myself to go A&E again if the fever and nausea persisted.

Friday, 20 June

Wasn’t feeling any better with the pain, fever and nausea. Sis was on leave to extract her wisdom tooth so she sent me to A&E.

They put me on drip again but my blood pressure instead of returning to normal, was dropping lower and lower. I was drifting in and out of sleep (or consciousness?). Doctors crowd around me at the A&E to-be-hospitalised patient sofa area. The next thing, I was wheeled into their A&E ward.


 Kena poked by needles until I couldn’t move & my fingers were so swollen from all those drip. I have phobia of needles in the elbow area.

My sister wasn’t allowed in this place. And I was feeling so miserable. The lights in the ward was so glaring, nurses and patients chattering away, doctors that came to me so many times asking me what happened. Seriously…. do I have to repeat that many times? I feel like dying already and still must struggle to talk to them. I must have told the nurses 5-6 times I feel like puking before I was handed a plastic bag. And as I retched my weak body away, no one came to help me dispose the bag because the female nurses seem to be happier giggling away with some NS guy beside me.

After hours of wait, I was finally wheeled up to the ward. (Please remind me to blog about all the reasons one should not stay in a non single bed ward).

Saturday, 20 June

Some young doctors said they might open my stomach up to see what’s going on. Was it kidney stones, cyst or infection? (Are you frigging kidding me?!) CGH leh, bad reputation I damn scared. Don’t anyhow anyhow. I told gf that I’m worried they might do surgery on me while I was too drowsy. Thankfully, another doctor said we can do scan to double check first. Ok fine, this is better. But… weird, why the first scan can’t see?

Hence, 2nd CT scan in 3 days as they wasn’t 100% sure what’s wrong with me. Laoniang overexposed to radiation already. They did inform me that 1 out of 5000 people who went through CT scans may develop cancer cells etc and also become infertile.

Diagnosis: Kidney infection (mainly caused by the uti I had the week before when I peed blood) and Cyst in the left ovarian. The rest of the pain caused unknown.


Thanks love for being there with me the entire 3 days I was admitted.

Monday, 23 June

Not feeling very good but was discharged anyway. I kinda suspect they ran out of bed space. But better for me lah, I felt I was getting sicker and sicker staying in the hospital even though the staff nurses were all really kind to me. Some days, I thought someone was looking at me from the ceiling. #hallucination

So now, I am on MC till 8 July. Gotta see 3 specialists in July & August! (My poor pocket! HOW?!)

Wanna take this opportunity to thank those who have visited (godparents and cousins, Eileen who came 2 days in a row, Diwei, Winnie, Michy), my family who has been there for me, my understanding boss & colleagues and of course my sweet gf who hanged around despite feeling exhausted and occasionally sleeping on the hospital bed with me haha. I love you all.


Advice: Don’t belittle the pain that your body is feeling & don’t under-estimate the importance of insurance.



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