Another Happy Saturday

Hello! Testing out mobile blogging (don’t judge me.. I’m an IT idiot!) so i thought I should do a quick photo post about my day, yesterday. 😉
20140615-112927-41367631.jpgMy OOTD for Keith & Juliet’s solemnization at St Teresa Church!

Am repeating the shirt I wore to work a few weeks ago coz I didn’t think showing my tattoos off at a church is that nice haha. And that a pair of shorts I got from Bangkok last year. Looks like skirt right?

I think the last time I attended a church wedding, I was too young to even remember!
20140615-112927-41367156.jpgGroup photo with the groom, bride, gf, Camy & Patricia!

Wishing the newly weds a blessed marriage!

20140615-112927-41367705.jpgMy big face for you!
Keeping my makeup light for a wonderful morning!

20140615-112927-41367855.jpgBrought the gf along & it was funny when everyone said they know her when they haven’t met before!
#PowerOfSocialMedia *nods head*

20140615-112927-41367333.jpgWent to bestie house after the wedding & the gf & DW whipped up dinner after deciding we were too lazy to dine out.

Yummy curry with lotsa potatoes & assorted mushrooms!!

20140615-112927-41367486.jpgThat’s Mr Louis trying his best not to snatch his treat off my lap, yet.

Ending a post with a sad realization that the gf’s new craftholic has officially became the mistress in our relationship. #kidding


Hope you enjoyed my post!


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