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 When did fashion and online shopping first gone online?

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I don’t remember exactly when, but I am aware of the impact it has on my credit card! *lol*

Being someone who hates to get out & bump around with the crowd, I especially like the convenience of online shopping – in my pjs, no makeup, in the wee hours where there is no restriction of the ‘mall’ opening hours & I do not have to carry my shopping bags.


Because of the new generation consumers’ demands, more and more brands are going social media savvy! In the past, well-known brands aka the branded only operate a physical boutique, but now, most of them have gone online, creating consumers-friendly website for our shopping desires.

Of course, some times, shopping online does not derive the pleasure of being in the stores feeling and touching the soon-to-be-mine baby, but I guess the accomplishment of purchasing something in minutes compensates it. I sound like I’m obsessed, don’t I? However, online shopping (with the credit card especially) requires lots of self-discipline which I am very sure I possess. 😉 Thankfully, I am not so much of a brand-whore.

I shop online on wholesale sites, qoo10 and taobao via 65daigou so I hardly spend over $20 for an item. I even blogged about how shopping via 65daigou is better than from taobao directly. Read it HERE if you haven’t! Do follow me on Instagram so i can share with you the stuff I bought when i wear them! 😉


Here’s one of the outer wear I got! Houndstooth jacket with black leather trimming.

I do wish that Singapore can become colder so I can wear all the nice jackets! (Fat hope. duh.)

Where do you usually shop online or refer to for new trends? I’m looking forward to what technology will bring us in future!

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