A Good Breakfast Brings Good Mood

Do you agree that a nice, good breakfast brings a better day & better mood?

Define good. Good varies for different individuals. For some, a good meal means having the best ingredients or an expensive dish. Others, their ideas of a good meal may mean eating healthy and clean or eating something that makes them happy.

What’s yours? 😉

I love hot food for my first meal of the day. Something not too heavily-flavored (salty/creamy), coupled with my must-have coffee.


I was on leave last Friday & finally I got to try KFC’s A.M. Waffles & Eggs. I love eggs, especially scrambled eggs. A pity that the eggs looked too ‘white’. If they didn’t add that much milk (I suppose?), the color would have been more yellowish and definitely more appetizing.

The inch-thick waffle was well toasted on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside. Drizzled maple syrup over and served with some good old fat butter – Yums! ;-p


I somehow got mixed up with Mcdonald’s porridge (they no longer serve it on their breakfast menu) with KFC A.M. Porridge & was still wondering why did the portion shrink lol.

KFC A.M. Porridge contains their signature Original Recipe chicken fillet and is topped with chopped spring onions and crispy shallots. That morning at Kallang’s outlet, I had to wait for them to cook the porridge, so it was still soupy when I ate it. I had expected the more sticky kind, Still, it was delicious and filled me up nice.

I hope there’s also chances of me making breakfast myself and showing you my creations (machiam I really can cook well hahah) if I’ve the time and ain’t too lazy to haul myself to the supermarket. I kinda suspect I might be making pancakes & pancakes for the convenience. Make it savory and make it sweet, different presentations & tadah!


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