Breast Fillers v.s Boobs Implants

Would you want a boob job?

I want if I can!

I thought about it and asked myself if I were to go for a bust enhancement, will I consider breast fillers or implants?


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Breast Fillers

Pros: Natural, usually no down time.

Cons: Not permanent. Needs constant sessions throughout the years to maintain the size and look of it.

Even though fillers have almost no risks, things can still go wrong if one goes to the “wrong” doctor – as in a doctor who isn’t certified to give Aesthetics injections and such.



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Pros: Permanent

Cons: Some level of risks

Read “Exploding Breast Implants Send Woman to Hospital

A revolutionary new breast implant – the lightest ever created – is due to be introduced in Britain later this year. The new implants, called B-Lite, will weigh 30 per cent less than any others on the market – and are designed to avoid the kind of sagging that can occur after time with conventional cosmetic breasts. Read more HERE.


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3 Popular Incisions in Breast Augmentation:

Even though I may be only 35% satisfied with my almost B-cup assets (fortunately they are still relatively firm & not saggy), I think I would be better if they can go up a half cup more. Since I don’t require A LOT, I guess fillers might work for me, plus it’s non-invasive.

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If you have the finance to do either breast fillers or boobs implants, which would you go for?


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