Top Ten things to do Before I hit 35 years old

I don’t even wanna think about it. No. Damn, I can’t imagine that this number ’35’ is just 6 years away from me! *SCREAMS* Noooo~~


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Ok, drama over. I’m bracing myself to face the fact that I’ll never escape age (maybe I might, on my face. Maybe.) and come to terms with it. Now what? Despite feeling like I’ve not accomplished anything at all, I am gonna list down the top 10 things that I would like to do (or hope I can do) by the age of 35. #YOLO?

1) Have a good career; a job that I look forward to every day and make great contributions.

2) Stop aching and hurting everywhere like an old granny. The rheumatism is very very bad. (I know, I know… I had it since secondary school days. Sad max.)


3) To have 6-pack. If not, it’s going to be sooo hard to achieve after 35. (uh-oh, it is already so much harder to achieve as compared to few years ago!)

4) Stay healthy & do regular body checkups. I hardly do body checks. I recently attended a talk on Cervical cancer (will blog about it soon) and I’m prioritizing women’s health as well!


5) Be inspired & inspire. How? For me to find out.

6) Continue to blog with passion. I really love blogging and documenting my life. Now, with a new full-time job on top of my freelance beauty work, I’ll need to squeeze out time for drafting blog posts.

7) Better manage time with work & my love ones. Refer to point 6. At this point, I am wondering how the hell will I be able to do it well. However, I shall pray to Him for more energy to complete tasks and yet spend time with my family & partner.

8) Get married. Sorry, not to a man.

9) Own a place of my own. I’ve set a goal to save a certain sum of my salary each month and am very determined to do it. But first, Bali in October first? 😉


10) Go on a 2-month long holiday. Ahhh~ Bali is not included. A 2 month trip will be angmoh countries right? Hehe… But I don’t think this will be anytime too soon.

How about you? Did you have a plan of what do you want to do before a certain age?

Bungee jump is not for me even though I’ve friends who like listing this as one of the things they wanna do. I gotta take care of my heart! Hahaha!


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