Tree™ Authentic Essential Oil‏

I love essential oils! In my little beauty room at Herine Beauty- Face & Body, I often dab some essential oil on the bedsheet, or put it in a burner. It makes big difference to the mood!

I feel really happy if my facial/massage clients complimented that my room smells so nice! 😉

I recently tried out these travel-friendly essential oil rollers from Tree by Three. I love roll-ons! No burning is needed, it’s so convenient!


What I have here: Relief Premium formula, Relief, Anti-Itch & Insect Repellent

Tree By Three is founded by 3 entrepreneurs based in Singapore with a vision to produce the finest essential oil blends to help those who are looking for more a natural and safe solution to ease their everyday discomforts. Read more HERE.


  • Natural Ingredients

  • 100% Sustainability

  • Not tested on animals

 Read the essential oil guide to find out what benefits does each oil has!


The roll-ons come in a 8ml pretty bottle is so easy to bring around!

The smell kinda reminds me of my grandparents when I was young. The smell & sense of security. Of course, it ain’t the SAME smell, but it gives me that mood.

Premium relief

Tree™ Authentic Essential Oil – Blend 331 (Relief Premium formula), S$55.00

I have bad headaches/migraines and insect bites so I rolled this blend onto my temple and bites areas and it relieved me of the discomfort! Although I can’t say the headache is totally gone (maybe 85% gone) but I was able to sleep better. The ingredients rose and chamomile in this product calms and relaxes me and I really love falling asleep to the smell of essential oil. Out of the 4 bottles, I like this scent the most.


Tree™ Authentic Essential Oil – Blend 333 (Relief), S$25.00

This is similar to the premium blend one above, however it’s just more of a relief blend and the ingredients used are not as premium naturally. I used it for headaches and bites and I think it still works well.


Tree™ Authentic Essential Oil – Blend 336 (Anti-Itch), S$15.00

Just 2 nights ago I was itching like crazy from mozzies bites (and I suspect there’s bed bugs too) while trying to sleep & I knew if I don’t do something it’s gonna give me bad quality sleep or worse, my insomnia may strike again. I took this anti-itch blend and apply all over the areas where I was itching & it was so effective that the itch stopped within a few minutes.

Insect repellant

Tree™ Authentic Essential Oil – Blend 337 (Insect Repellent), S$15.00

After the anti-itch blend, I was determined not to be disturbed by the mozzies, so I rolled this insect repellent blend on some areas like my neck, around my biceps where the sleeve ended, and my legs. The scent does smell a little like those typical insect repellent product outside, but the difference is, the smell is much pleasant.

Not sure if it really works, but I slept throughout the night not waking up to fresh new bites.

I tried again just now, one mozzie flew past me but didn’t come to me. Eh? it seems to avoid my direction. I think it’s really effective lah or maybe the mozzie was already feeling full. LOL.

Joint pain

Tree™ Authentic Essential Oil – Blend 339 (Joint Pain & Rheumatism), S$120.00

This blend can be used directly on the skin for massage.


Tree by Three’s website does not cater to small orders, so if you’re interested to get it for yourself or your love ones, here’s how:

  1. Payment by CASH for self-collection order. (Collection at Toa Payoh. Full address will be given after order has been confirmed)
  2. Payment to be made by bank transfer in advance for delivery (by registered mail/courier).
  3. Free delivery for minimum order of S$120.00, otherwise delivery charge is $5.00.
  4. To make an order, email to

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