Neogence Ha DNA Anti-Wrinkle Bio-cell E Mask

This beautician, Herine Ang is such a lazy and dunno-busy-with-what-s**t de woman!

I neglected my skin for a few weeks without masking! TSSKK! So I went to my mask stash & dig out this box of DNA Anti-Wrinkle Bio-cellulose mask from Neogence! I received it from the dedicated Taiwan Neogence team during my Taipei Beauty Trip in December 2013!


 Neogence Ha DNA Anti-Wrinkle Bio-cellulose Mask (US$38.70)

I am the kind of person who is always sitting in front of the computer when I am at home – checking emails, editing photos, drafting blog posts etc… Hence, I don’t like to mask especially if there’s no ear-hooks to secure the mask in place. This Neogence DNA Anti-Wrinkle Bio-cellulose Mask does not have any “hooks” but I am extremely amazed at how well the mask holds!!

unnamed (2)

The mask was clasped between 2 other layers to retain the moisture in the package. I was thinking it’s kinda troublesome, but anyway, since I opened it, I might as well use right?

When I put it onto my skin, I went: “OMG…. machiam spiderman!” It really stick on tightly! No flapping at the edges which we tend to experience with most masks!

Adhering power: 5/5

Moisture: 5/5

Absorption: 5/5

Firming: 4/5

Anti-wrinkles: 4/5

Finish: Smooth and matte feel

unnamed (1)

I am super impressed that I don’t care I must show you my face even though I am in my pjs! It’s a lil grainy coz I snap this with my lousy phone’s camera. But I didn’t edit except tweak the lighting a bit and blur out my bra strap haha….

I checked with Sasa Singapore the retail price for this mask but they say it’s not available in Singapore yet! However, they are in the midst of preparing to bring this particular product in.

Really super love it! I tried it again last night & I felt my skin became much firmer! 😉


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