Is Facial Extraction Necessary?

Is it really necessary to do facial extraction?

There is a dumb answer to this. Yes and no. Read on to see which group you fall under!

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Most of you should know what is extraction. It hurts big time, even more if you have dehydrated/dry skin. During my years working as a beautician, I did come across people who do not cringe nor fear this extracting process and I secretly envy them so much. I always have the urge to slap or bite someone when I am having my own extraction done.


For the benefit of the minority who didn’t have the whole idea, facial extraction is the removal of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and acnes. It can be done with the just tissues & fingers, the extractor (metal stick) or with the help of facial needles that come in individual sterilised packs.

Now, the most important thing that most of us want to know………

“Do I need extraction?”

No, you don’t need extraction if:

  • You’re blessed with great complexion
  • No visible congested pores
  • No pimples nor blemishes
  • No milia seeds

Congratulations! You can escape from the torturing extraction pain! You lucky fella go pop some champagne while the rest of us pop pimples!

Yes, you need extraction if:

  • You have pimples & acne
  • You have blackheads or whiteheads
  • Your pores are visibly large, oily or congested pores

These may happen even if you use the right products, do all the double cleansing stuff and keeping to a skincare routine. We are just not as blessed as those who seems to not do much yet look like their baby skin never ever shed off! Some of us get our extraction done today & then in 2 days, some, if not all of them are back. They reproduce like plague.

Doing a proper extraction is important because once the pores are cleared out, your skin should start to improve. You may want to get facials every two weeks until your skin is clear with a good skin care routine.

My logic is, no point getting expensive skincare brands and spamming them on your face if you have a face of clogged pores. Worst, if pores have already turned black & bumpy. There is NO WAY your facial products are going to penetrate into your skin.


  • Use pore pack (They never get everything out at times, leaving the root still in there, waiting to reproduce)
  • Just rely on cleansing foam, scrubs and clay masks thinking the more you use the cleaner the pores will get. (May cause abrasion & agitate the skin)

You don’t actually need that peel or microdermabrasion if you have great skin or sensitive skin. If you have problematic skin, just micropeel alone is not so likely gonna solve your problem totally.

Start visiting your trusted beauticians regularly for a simple, clean-up facial! 😉


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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Beautician 😉


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