When I was a child, I love pets like puppies, kittens, bunnies and all things furry.

Strangely, I owned nothing like them. Instead, my Mom bought me & my sister guppies, goldfish and fighting fish. (which I grown to love coz I liked letting it defeat my sister’s one & feeling that victory hurhur)

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I have no idea. Probably she thought they are less messy & don’t occupy too much space since we are a big family staying in a small flat. Don’t get me wrong, Mom is an animal lover too. Her uncles own kelongs and have big dogs as guards.

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Another pet I would love to own when I was younger was slow loris! It’s so cute and crawls all over you slowly, gently. Obviously, it is out of the question since slow loris is one of the illegal wild animals that are not permitted in Singapore.

So… since I didn’t own any pets after primary school, I always visit friends’ house and play with their cats or dogs.


Bestie & her Jack Russell, Louis.

He likes lying on her like this. Then when we distract him with food, he will jump off her quickly.

 Another dog is girlfriend‘s Shihtzu, Baby.

Baby thinks that he is human. Sometimes, he super act cool one.. you wanna sayang him he also don’t wanna come.

So, there was once I made him play snatching with him. I gotta “agitate” him with his toys before he started playing. Then, when he did, I confidently threw the toys further & asked him to fetch. That was the expression he gave me. LOL.


Photo credit: Jesz

When Baby is in a good mood, he allows the gf to tie his towel around his neck & be a superhero for 5 minutes hehehe.

Now, it’s a routine that whenever I reached gf’s doorstep, the first living being I see is Baby. Once I entered the house, I already made him got used to leaping up & leaning on my knees for a nice pat. 2 days ago, I had bad stomachache so I need to chiong toilet the moment I reached.. Baby was so funny, he chiong with me into the room too & insisted to gimme his welcome leap & to receive my pat… Awww….

Are you a pet lover too? Do you own a pet that is not common?


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