Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie

Something new from Majolica Majorca & Ma Cherie you should look out for! 😉



  1. Majolica Marjoca Eye Hunter Chapter 40: Line Hunter, Perfect Automatic Liner, Honey Lip Pump Neo
  2. Ma Cherie Refill Packs (Air Feel & Moisture Range)

Air Feel Range refill pack (380ml) – $13.90 each

1.Gives fine hair volume and shine.
2.Keeps color-treated hair vibrant

Moisture Range refill pack (380ml) – $14.50 each

1.Controls dry ends and leads to manageable hair.
2.Keeps color-treated hair vibrant



Majolica Marjoca Line Hunter, $19.90

  • Application: Smooth & easy
  • Color: Dark black
  • Smudge: No
  • Lasting: 8-10 hours
  • Repurchase: Yes
  • Rating4.5/5

Although there seems to be a lil bleeding as shown in the photo above, it didn’t smudge on my eyelids. I didn’t try removing the eyeliner without a makeup remover yet (guess I wasn’t used to it); I shall try cleansing off with a regular facial wash soon & update here!


Majolica Marjoca Perfect Automatic Liner (V1303), $22.90

  • Application: Water-based; easy
  • Color: Gleaming Purple Pearl
  • Smudge: No
  • Lasting: 6-9 hours
  • Repurchase: Maybe
  • Rating4/5

I tried the one in red too & I like the color a lot! However, I was glad I received this color coz purple is just my favourite and it’s great to play cool & mysterious with! Wait.. now I feel like having the red one too… *fickledminded*

Perfect Automatic Liner is great to pop some fun into our usual eye makeup. Feeling lazy? Just draw a thicker line of colored eyeliner & line the lash area with black/brown & that’s it! Do be careful as it’s a dial-type felt pen, it can sometimes dispense a bit too much of product onto the brush. Simply dab it off on a piece of tissue before application. 😉


Close-up of the liners.


Purple doesn’t show so much here though.

Majolica Majorca & Ma Cherie new products are available in all Watsons from 6 March 2014.

Majolica Marjoca Singapore Facebook Page

Ma Cherie Singapore Facebook Page


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