Why Women Look For Male Escorts

It’s been so long since I talk about my opinions for non-beauty related stuff hence I found this topic a little hard to touch on. Not to mention that I do not have the interest in men as other straight women do.

I did date guys some 10 years or more before; so based on the past and thinking on a straight woman’s point of view and perhaps borrowing friends’ friends’ experiences and considering possibilities, I am listing down some points on why do women look for male escorts.

1) Choosing who they want


 (Image credit: alkoride.com)

Well, since I’m paying, I get to decide which kind of man I prefer. They will display the photo, age, height & weight. Afterall, a woman loves a fantasy as much as a man does! Nothing beats having a fantasy comes true. Think sexy muscles, bronze tan & masculine, charming features.

2) As chaperones for social events

It is not necessarily about sex. And don’t be surprised that some male escorts are actually intelligent and articulate people. They are the kind that single, successful women would want to bring to any occasion and not feel alone.

Read this article.

3) To shut noisy, probing relatives up

Every relative’s wedding or family occasions you attend, you get bombarded by relatives on why you are single, not married etc. A male escort solves your problem, temporary.

4) To cover up the fact that you are single and maybe a tad too lonely

Your ex boyfriend is sure enjoying himself out there with another new-found love. Worse, you realized that you are invited to an ex schoolmate’s party which he will be going, with someone else but you. That’s awkward. Unless you are bringing along someone hotter than him.

5) Finding that excitement your partner couldn’t give

Let your imagination run. No innocence is needed here. Or maybe there would be if you are willing to pay someone just to listen to your sorrows.


Would you hire an escort? If yes, why? If not, why do you think others will want to? Do add on your views too by commenting under this post! I would love to hear from you! 😉



  1. I hire male escorts when I go to Bangkok by myself to carry my shopping, recommend food/fun places to go and to bargain for me. Also for safety and company lah. Sometimes my hotel room can be creeeeeepy… so will request that he stay over. NO HANKY PANKY HOR (although I won’t reject a massage if he offers!).



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