My First Batam Trip!

A couple of days before my birthday, the gf & I escaped to Batam for a quiet and relaxing trip.

 photo unnamed12_zpsef46be3b.jpg

Would you believe that I’ve never been to Batam? OMG, this is damn suaku. o_O

J booked us Harris Resort at Waterfront City, away from the town, supposedly more peaceful & it was pretty near the ferry terminal.

 photo IMG_0831_zps986129b7.jpg

Early in the morning we are planned to set off from J’s house. The entire day had a few unexpected happenings. The cab that we took didn’t have small change when we reached harbourfront, J gotta go to Cheers & get something to break my $50 note while I waited in the cab praying my diarrhoea & nausea don’t come back.

After another small hooha about our return ferry ticket, we finally got ourselves onboard Sindo ferry! *phew*

Then, I worried if I was gonna get seasick. (LOL why so many problems one?!) J kept laughing at my expression whenever the ride became bumpy. Heng I didn’t puke! And I was elated that I survived the currents!

 photo unnamed2_zpsaaf9aa3d.jpg

Harris’ transport waiting for us. Because we reached there on a Sunday, there wasn’t anyone else but us. We felt like queens momentarily.

 photo SAM_0229_zps9906e001.jpg

Harris Resort lobby.

 photo SAM_0230_zpsfc80295c.jpg

Waiting area & entrance to Harris Cafe.

We got our room key & headed to the 2nd level of the new wing & struggled getting into our room. One of the resort’s staff even helped us, unsuccessfully. We dragged our weary feet, barang & all back to the concierge counter and found out that our room was 2201, not 2207. I stared at the room number written on the card and was still very convinced it was 2207 she wrote.

Our package came with lunch & dinner for day 1, and buffet breakfast for day 2 & 3. We only went ahead with the set lunch which was pretty good considering that we paid only $220 for 3D2N for both of us. Set dinner was Grilled/BBQ seafood I think… We didn’t get to try as we wanted to go to Arirang Korean and Japanese Restaurant instead for some mad delicious nom nom.

Every where we go, hotel staff would enthusiastically greet us & other visitors. That makes holidays happier!

 photo SAM_0210_zps153fd5ec.jpg

Heard from the gf that the old wing rooms are much bigger. But she still chose to stay in the new wing coz she feels it’s cleaner & less creepy? Haha…. I got the creepy hint & readily agreed to go for the new wing room of course!

 photo SAM_0211_zps7fc8d720.jpg

 The room was simple with a long table (confirm they know I need a lot of space for makeup & food ;-p ) and a long leather sofa bench good enough for a 3rd person to sleep on.

 photo SAM_0208_zps39c94ea7.jpg

 Being someone who has more-than-average-but-not-too-severe-OCD, I was kinda disappointed with the rain-shower tap whatever. Rainshowers are supposed to be nice & emits strong and soothing water isn’t it? This showerhead was crooked and when I turned on the tap, it “leaks” water instead of giving out evenly distributed rainfall water. When I went to shower, I understood why the showerhead plate was left slanted. The previous tenant had to slant the plate so that there’s more water to shower. LOL…what the…..

 photo SAM_0213_zps0c79914c.jpg

 A balcony that shows us some deserted beach, soil and trees. Alamak… Why didn’t we get the room that faces the swimming pool? At least I can see got sexy women or not mah other than me & my sexy gf lolol… But this side is more peaceful, and less likely to have weird china guys looking up & into the room.

 photo unnamed7_zps612f36a8.jpg

The first day was “chill & relax” day so after resting a short while in the room, we geared ourselves in our bikinis, sunblock and tanning oil & waddled to the poolside.

(J bought a bottle of suntanning oil from the convenience store in the resort and it was so frigging ridiculous expensive.)

 photo unnamed32_zps50b7b5a3.jpg

Yay c’mon sun! Make me no more Snow White!

 photo unnamed28_zpsb8e1ce04.jpg

Peeping at the gf’s sexy back & half of my nude face.

 photo unnamed27_zps5eb29192.jpg

Sunny weather + filter makes flawless skin!

 photo unnamed21_zps8a8baee0.jpg

Dear’s natural dark, dense brows make mine non-existent. ;-X

 photo unnamed18_zps689bd5af.jpg

The pool bar that was deserted. ;-(

 photo unnamed5_zps43136ed2.jpg

Facing the old wing.

They have flying fox there! I didn’t go try when the man came asking coz I was afraid my bikini might fly off.

 photo unnamed6_zps77817f7e.jpg

And the brightly painted new wing’s balconies at the back.

 photo unnamed30_zps62bcb16d.jpg

Taken at our balcony.

 photo unnamed31_zps33658799.jpg

Current state of my body after months of lazy workout – broader, developed shoulders & arms, still relatively small waist and harder butt & thighs which you can’t see from here. ;-p (I’m no more skinny & frail okie!)

On the 2nd day, we took the resort’s shuttlebus (It was a hot 30mins ride. I was feeling giddy & nauseous as a kid chattered away loudly) to Nagoya shopping mall for A&W lunch & some pampering at ESKA Wellness Spa Massage & Salon after the morning swim. I did foot reflex 1.5hr which included shoulders massage & my dear did hers while having a hair color job done as well. We left the place feeling relaxed & sleepy!

We did a takeaway of some food to bring back to our room for dinner – chukchuk (suck until my lips & tongue so painful haha), gonggong & stir-fry veg.

 photo SAM_0226_zps66df628f.jpg

Yummy pandan kueh lapis as dessert!

 photo image4_zps204908c9.jpeg

The happy glutton who possessed my hungry monster & refused to release it back to me.

 photo Sunset_zps1e46324f.jpg

Romantic sunset. 😉

On the 3rd day, we woke up earlier to go book our return ferry back to Singapore & for the hotel’s breakfast. I felt so exhausted suddenly I also dunno why. And my stomach which had behaved well last 2 days started acting up again.

Halfway through our breakfast, the Room Division Manager, Mr Ramli, came to our table and asked for me. He looked at me seriously and asked me to follow him to clarify on some passport issue. He also informed me that I wasn’t able to leave Batam on this day. Inside my heart I went “F! What the hell is wrong with my passport?!” 

I stood up from my seat and asked if we should go out to the concierge area to settle this issue instead of having the conversation there and then in the restaurant for people to hear. You see… I’m that kind of person who super scared to feel malu in public and I was kinda analysing which stupid thing I did to make my passport “invalid”…… He said it would be alright to settle it standing in the restaurant.. (HUH??)… that was when I spotted something suspicious through the corner of my eye.

Something, some people.. behind that kitchen door…… A realization struck me…… I looked at J who had been quiet sitting there & who knows what was running in her mind, “I know what they are trying to do.” She still asked me what was it… So I told her they are trying to surprise me and the guy at the next table who probably has the same birthday as me lah…..  She didn’t plan for this & was equally taken aback too. She even told me she was thinking of calling ICA already. o_O

A group of restaurant staff spilled out from the kitchen holding 2 plates of birthday cakes (1 for me & 1 for the other father & son) singing a birthday song in 3-4 languages. I heaved a sigh of relief when I knew it wasn’t the passport problem.

Check out the video that my dear took HERE.

 photo IMG_0847_zps8d540ee8.jpg

Thank you, you kind & friendly people at Harris resort! Even though Mr Ramli almost shocked me to death at first, but I was really touched! He is a super good actor lah! And nice stunt coz a prankster like me actually got pranked! 😉

That marked the start of my 29th birthday looking shocked and without makeup. Ahahah!!

 photo image1_zps78884603.jpeg

Before setting off to catch the ferry, I ain’t too sure whether I was reluctant to end my holiday or to leave my comfort toilet zone since I was puking and having runs before we checked out of our room.

Thanks love for planning this quick getaway for us. Any time for me, just beside you, by the pool, good sun & nice food is awesome enough for me! ❤

J will be posting her version on her blog soon, do check it out! 😉



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