Color Bucket – Hair Chalk Collection

As much as black & white, I embrace colors like one embrace the rainbows too. It’s amazing how colors cheer me up!


Early this year, I picked up 2 gorgeous hairchalk colors from Sasa & it was just in time for Chinese New Year!

Color Bucket Hair Chalk Collection is launched to create painterly hair effect that looks instensely rich, fun & dimensional. Getting temporary hair color has never been easier!

Color Bucket products is free of fragrance, paraben & talc.

Available in 13 different colors ($14.90 each):

  • #1 Gold Digger
  • #2 Silver Dust
  • #3 Ruby Rocket
  • #4 In the Navy
  • #5 Kiss the Coral
  • #6 Butter Fingers
  • #7 Lovers Lilac
  • #8 Blushing Blueberry
  • #9 Rockin’s Razzmatazz
  • #10 What’s up Wasabi
  • #11 Jungle Love
  • #12 ChaCha Chilli
  • #13 Shamrockin

View the colors here.


I got my chalks in #3 Ruby Rocket, a bright bombastic pink & #7 Lovers Lilac, which is a shade of purple I like!

How to use:

  1. Sandwich hair with the color compact and apply powder generously to both sides of hair in a downward motion.
  2. Use a hair iron, curler or dryer to seal the color and improve the staying power.
  3. Hold the Color Protection Hair Styling Fixer ($16.90) approximately 10cm away & spray on colored areas. (I din’t get this for review)

Check our Color Bucket Korea FB page for some inspirations styles!


Here’s my style using #3 Ruby Rocket! Shall post a photo of the purple one after I try!

Convenience: 4/5

Color intensity: 5/5

Lasting power: 3.5/5

Price: 3.5/5

It’s so versatile; the colors can be build up according to own preference. I colored a chunk of my hair and I can wear it solid & clean, if not, fluff and loosen my hair out for some scattered highlights. The hair chalk is super easy to use, however, do remember to standby some tissues and wash your hands immediately to avoid staining your hands and clothings. I didn’t iron my hair, but did spray some hairspray (my own) over. I tried my best not to touch my hair a lot throughout the day as it takes the color off a little but it managed to hold for at least 6 hours.

Check out the video by Color Bucket’s new ambassador – Korean Girl Group A Pink!


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