Arirang Korean and Japanese Restaurant – Batam

Hello! The gf brought me to Batam for a short, relaxing birthday getaway last week where we chilled away at the poolside (another post later) in the afternoon followed by a super fulfilling dinner at this Korean restaurant within the Harris Resort’s compound.

As Arirang restaurant serves a mixture of Korean & Japanese food, we can have a greedy mixture of both! *thumbs up*

 photo 20140309_185637_zps4ca54453.jpg

 Anchovy, tofu, hotdog, cucumber, egg crepe, broccoli & kimchi – all so nice!

I love Korean banchan! Just this side dishes would be enough for my entire meal! 😉

 photo unnamed10_zps7f2c5071.jpg

 photo unnamed16_zps211f9302.jpg

We totally forgot about the banchan & when our food came…. uh oh… that’s er.. kinda too much? *lol

 photo 20140309_185923_zps1665c2db.jpg

Salmon Sashimi is a MUST for both of us!

 photo 20140309_185948_zpsb807c758.jpg

Agedashi tofu – another of our must-haves whenever we have jap food!

 photo 20140309_191209_zps1a652ca8.jpg

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup. OMG I super in love with this and kept slurping away!

 photo 20140309_190613_zpsebf70941.jpg

This guy was so funny… I was aiming my mobile camera at him to take a photo… next thing I know, I clicked the shutter & realized he wasn’t in the photo! Ahahaha! Then I told him it’s okie, he’s handsome, can be in my photo lah~ ;-p

 photo unnamed17_zpsb1b98560.jpg

 photo unnamed8_zps93b4ca18.jpg

Awesome Pork Bulgogi… I wrapped so many lettuces with this & the gf later that night said I smelled of garlic. O_o

The entire meal cost about S$50+ if I’m not wrong. Pretty affordable for such a spread & portion.

 photo unnamed14_zps8332494c.jpg

Oooh~ Spotted my fangirl! 😉

 photo unnamed_zpsf10f562f.jpg

Me with no makeup!

Will be posting the rest of photos from the trip soon… Erm… mainly photos at the pool. ;-p

I found some Korean Banchan recipes HERE!

(Hint: Wondering who’s gonna make these for me…ahem)



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