10 Things To Do To Take Charge Of Your Body, Life And Heart

It’s International Women’s Month! I thought it be good to list down some points that I thought we, as women should do to feel and look better!

1) Eat Heart-Healthy Food


 (Image credit: moaablogs.org)

I know yummy food are hardly healthy. But in order to have more fulfilments in life, we need to watch what we are feeding ourselves.

Click HERE to check out 25 Top Heart-Healthy Food.

2) Get That Body Back


Sorry to disappoint you with a non-sexy photo of my back. Haha. I wish I have a nice 6-pack. This photo was taken some time back when I wasn’t as developed (muscles-wise) but I swear working out 2-3 times a week pays off! My flabby arms ain’t that flabby anymore! And I am proud to say that I can see my biceps & triceps! (Of coz, it hasn’t reached my expectations yet)

Some girls told me the reason they put off gyming or working out is because they do not want to build mass (c’mon! It’s not so easy to build mass I can tell u) and once they slacken, they will turn even more flabby. Persevere baby! I rather it be this way so when I feel that I’ve turn lazy & start to be flabby, I’ll make sure I work it out to maintain that body & health.

Here’s some video workouts that I do:


3) Learn To Take Good Care of your Skin

Remove makeup & cleanse the face properly. I’m sure all of you know this by now. Now, have you been keeping up with at least some basic skincare routine? A regular facial also keeps the skin clear & decongested.

Read this blog for skincare & beauty posts. Check out Herine Beauty – Face & Body for affordable facials!


4) Master Basic Makeup Skills


Makeup makes a woman confident! Well, the correct makeup. Unless you are blessed with flawless, porcelain skin. Oh my, I’m so jealous! I still need filters!

I do not think I am born pretty, hence I also had nose fillers & jaw botox done to make myself look & feel better. Click HERE & HERE to read.


5) Draft your Career goals

Ambitious or not, most of us will have some kind of goals. Maybe some of us feel that it isn’t “big” enough to be call a goal but yes, maybe something like learning photoshop is counted too! So start drafting! Every little skill afterall is still a skill.


6) Start A Performance Checklist

Check out those goals you have managed to attain & feel that sense of victory in you! 😉


7) Build the family bond


 (Image credit: www.notable-quotes.com)

It’s not just having a family. Some families live in chaos, biting each others’ heads off. Politics shouldn’t exist at home. Getting along well with the family members can boost each another’s well-being.

Family is there to share our problems. If some day, you find your extended family members having some issues at home, don’t forget to offer your help & moral support too. You will never know what kind of depression they are going through. Your care & concern mean a lot and who knows… probably can save lives.


8) Offer help to others


 (Image credit: shannatrenholm.com)

Don’t be selfish. Help whenever we can. Sometimes, money is not every thing. I may not have the money to donate in thousands to charity, but I walk the traffic lights with elderlies who have mobility problem or buy a pack of tissue at $2. I don’t just give them the $ for nothing because some old people still has pride & ego in them. They want to earn a living themselves and do not want people to treat them like a beggar.


9) Forgive & Forget

The hardest of all. To forgive may be slightly easier than to forget.

I used to dwell on really unhappy things like how people bullied, insult & even cheat on me. I was in a messed-up emotional state. Talked to God and ask Him to make me forgive and forget. Ever since, I became a happier person.


10) Don’t Be Afraid To Love


Be it straight, or not. There are people who hurt you. But there will be people who protect & love you with all their might.

I have serious trust issues because of past experiences, but after I met Jesz, I am betting my stakes daringly again. She is the only one who tells me I’m pretty when I wake up in the morning with oily-bacon face, greasy, messy hair, no makeup, no photoshop & still smile & look at me with love in her eyes. Every other day, she does sweet little things that touches me so much. Awww… okie, shall not go into details.

Are there any more that you would like to add on? Feel free to leave your comments! 😉


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