The Spa-Lon ATP-38 series

Recently, I had the chance to try out The Spa Lon’s signature ATP-38 treatment at their Tiong Bahru outlet.

 photo spalon_zpscb59bbaf.jpg

ATP-38 treatment takes about 1.5hours and consist of 5 steps. Different wavelengths of light are applied to the skin; powerful, yet completely natural with no side effects. The energy of natural light stimulates the skin on a cellular level, vastly increasing oxygen, collagen and elastin production.

 photo IMG_4254_zps9bced567.jpg

 photo Collage_zpsc95d3c71.jpg

Micropeeling Treatment S$690.00 (4mins): Using the finest coridon sand with this micro-dermabrasion treatment, the skin is cleansed, dead skin cells are exfoliated and fine lines removed with minimal discomfort. Pigmentation and dark spots are also reduced.

It was frigging painful for me. Even though I have really oily skin, but my skin’s surface is dehydrated and tends to get tight and peel. Each stroke the wand went on my face, I feel like the skin was gonna tear. I endured through it anyway, and observed clearer skin with less visible pores. This treatment will probably not hurt as much after 2-3 times.

 photo IMG_4270_zps6a01ddc2.jpg

Photo Rejuvenation Treatment S$249.00 (12mins): Discovered by NASA, this treatment utilises different kinds of light in order to re-energise, restructure andrevitalise skin cells. This results in increased collagen production and regulates melanin giving you a more radiant skin.

I flinched when the lights the machine emitted even before it was put right in front of my face. It was blinding and Irene (the beauty consultant) put stickers over my eyes to block out some of the rays. She told me that other customers will be asked to even open their eyes during this treatment.

I have phobia of bright, flashing lights. They give me migraines and pain in my eyeballs.

I cannot comprehend how can any one else even open their eyes during this blinding light treatment. I frowned unknowingly with my eyes closed. For a moment, I thought the sun is crashing down on me. This 12 minutes were the longest time I have waited in my life while worrying if my eyes (I have cornea and extreme light sensitivity problem) are gonna make it. I only know that no matter how great this treatment is in stimulating ATP and collagen in the skin, I am never gonna try it again. No.

 photo IMG_4275_zpsda6cfe88.jpg

Radio Frequency Treatment S$890.00 (30mins): Electromagnetic waves permeate into the deep layers of the skin, restructuring it from within. This treatment provides an immediate tensor and lifting effect to the skin, and a filler effect to wrinkles, combating all signs of aging! Unlike other Radio Frequency Treatments, this is 100% un-invasive and pain-free!

I like this RF treatment! It is different from the past RF facials that I’ve done before – no metal plate, no warm/hot sensation nor oily creams. Irene gave a little more focus on my saggy, wrinkly neck (you can see from the photos) and by the end of this treatment, my skin was visibly lifted and my facial contours were sharper.

 photo IMG_4283_zpsd7bf44e9.jpg

Cryocooling Treatment S$439.00 (10mins): Eye-bags and dark circles are visibly reduced and the surface of the eye contour is smoothened. This is because the eye contour is subjected to a soothing, low temperature handpiece.

The cold eye treatment was a pleasure to my tired eyes. My eyebags were much reduced.

 photo IMG_4285_zps9e06f263.jpg

Eye-lifting Treatment S$490.00 (10mins): Electromagnetic waves are used to “lift” the eye contour, smoothening expression lines and crow’s feet.

I don’t feel anything from this treatment – it wasn’t cold nor warm. However, I do notice that my eyes after Cryocooling Treatment & this Eye-lifting Treatment looked brighter & more youthful!

 photo IMG_4252_zps4647b9fd.jpg

The Spa Lon has a pretty changing room, complete with shower cubicles and vanity table.

After the ATP 38 treatment, Irene advised me to keep off from doing extraction. Instead, proper cleansing and regular micropeel will remove the congested pores. I can’t say I agree to this because as a beautician (even though I’m no expert), I know how stubbornly oily & dirty my pores can get and it isn’t that I don’t cleanse properly. I used to let someone else do my facial, extraction and all once a month regularly and my skin was in good condition. Of course, products used play a big part as well.

If I’m not wrong, The Spa Lon is offering a trial price of $99 for each treatment.

You can find more information about the ATP-38 series here:

Click HERE for The Spa Lon stores locations.

Visit their Facebook or  website at for more information.

(ps: I read many good reviews about this treatment so don’t just take my opinion too seriously. Do check out their FB page for other bloggers’ reviews.)


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