Black Paint

BLACK PAINT® is an organic skincare brand established in Kyoto 15 years ago by Myyuki Co.Ltd.


The BLACK PAINT® skincare series is made solely of natural ingredients; does not use any synthetic preservatives, disinfectants, fragrances, colorings, anti-oxidants, or ultraviolet absorbers.

Since ancient times, plant oil treatments have been taught to be a secret to beautiful skin. Based on this concept, BLACK PAINT® skincare products are made from natural, organic materials which are blended from more than 100 types of plant oils, more than 50 types of essential oils, Kishu Bichotan Charcoal that suitable for various skin and body parts. BLACK PAINT® soaps were sold more than one million in Japan in year 2012.

Troubled skin starts from pore

I can totally understand this & how it frustrating it is. I personally have a weirdly-oily-yet-dehydrated skin and my pores get congested extremely easily. Sometimes, the pores ooze out sebum! Gross, I know! I do take care of my skin, but products that I use impact a lot on my complexion. Hence, I am always on the look out for skincare that purifies and yet nourishes the skin.

Skin care solution of Black Paint:
Stage 1 – Cleanse the pores
Stage 2 – Fix and moisture the pores
Stage 3 – Tightens the pores
Stage 4 – Protect the pores

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BLACK PAINT® Face Soap – S$49.90, 120g

I have love & hate for this piece of face soap.

Packaging: It reached me looking all cool, solid and naked. Yeah… I couldn’t find a soapbox so I dug out the old Biore Makeup Removal Wipes box to store my piece of soap. Alas! It was a big wrong move! After the first usage, the soap was already wet and by closing the box, it turned the soap into a slimy, soggy chunk of charcoal. It would be really helpful if Black Paint soap comes with a disher/tray.

Durability: It would be a very lasting & value for money facial cleanser if it wasn’t soggy & being squashed off in lumps by my fingers.

Time Consumption: Wetting soap, smear onto face, massage and rinse off. A little too time-consuming when I am rushing.

Smell: Hair dye. Smells like hair salon & chemicals, except that I know it doesn’t contain any.

Efficacy: I like it during the first 3 days of using it. On the 4th day, my skin started to itch and peel but returned to normal from the 10th day onwards. The pores do seem cleaner but so far, still congested in my terms. I haven’t try using the soap to remove my makeup as I didn’t want to create even a bigger mess but I believe light makeup removal has no issue since the product contains so many types of oil, which is probably great at removing/melting the makeup. Don’t let it get into your eyes though! It stings like a bitch.

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BLACK Konjac Sponge – S$15.00

You know… I’ve been working out, building mass. Thus, the arms are much stronger and at times I will forget to go lighter on the face. That could be “dangerous” as I may cause abrasions. Do be careful using this sponge. I personally like using it on my body instead especially when the skin is dry, it tends to itch so the sponge kinda scratch the itch for me. 😉

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Best Water – S$59.90, 100ml

I use a generous amount and gently pat it in till the skin feels refreshed and supple. Seems to have calming effect on the skin.

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Oil Water Rose – S$49.90, 100ml

This is interesting. Oil + rose water. Rose essential oil is known for its healing and rejuvenating effects on the skin including the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, redness and uneven color. The addition of plant oils heighten the hydration protection level. As I have very oily skin yet very dehyrdated surface, I usually skip using products that contains oil but this Oil Water Rose can be patted in easily and surprisingly, it’s not greasy.

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Water Cream – Rose Lavender – S$79.90, 50ml

When I opened the box, I saw the inner packaging and was quite sure there’s a spatula somewhere in the box… but no! They made the inner cover lid in a way to hold the spatula! I like this! Contamination is reduced to the minimum instead of having the spatula sitting anywhere and people think it’s actually clean to use it.  I also appreciate the tab at the lid so it’s an ease to lift the cover.

As the name suggests, the cream melts to water upon application and absorbs well even though the prior skincare step consists of oil. I like the relaxing scent. Couldn’t stop touching my smooth and hydrated skin afterwards.


Website: (which is currently not fully complete yet)

*Information are mainly extracted from the press release.


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