GOSH Cosmetics

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Weeks ago, I attended a makeup demonstration where International Makeup artist, Ms Sidsel Marie Bog, created 2 different looks “Young” & “Playful” using Gosh Cosmetics.

GOSH Cosmetics is a Danish-based hip and trendy cosmetics, bath & body, and fragrance company & is already a sensation in the fashion industry of Europe. It has been turning heads for over 25 years and is currently selling in over 66 countries throughout the world.

Read up more about GOSH Cosmetics here.

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The packaging & advertising images they use are fairly attractive. Ironically, ‘Gosh‘ is also one of the words I use often so imagine myself going “oh my gosh, this is nice!” #Bimbomoment


There are more products that aren’t shown here but do take a look when you happened to drop by any Sasa outlets!

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What I got in my press kit:

  • Nail Lacquer ($13.90)
  • Eyeshadow Palette ($24.90)
  • CC Cream Illuminating Foundation ($31.90)
  • Darling Lashes ($21.90)

I tried the nail lacquers only once… I like the grey one better than the baby blue as the consistency seemed better. I was in a rush so no count as a review!

 photo CIMG0640_zps136f1cf0.jpg

CC Cream Illuminating Foundation (SPF10)

I was holding back my biased opinions of a CC cream in a tube  And… GOSH, it did surprise me pleasantly!

With a basic sun protection factor of 10, this CC cream not only offers natural, lightweight coverage and is also extremely hydrating, minus that sticky feel.

The other day, my face was acting like a bitch again – being dehydrated & oily all at the same time with bumps. I usually try to avoid using any tinted base or foundation products as they don’t stay well nor go on well onto my skin when it’s throwing its tantrums but I went ahead with it. I dispensed the product onto the back of my hand (I don’t do it on my palm coz I’ve sweaty palms) & dab it out like I would with other products. Wait a moment, this must be the most light and watery CC cream I ever tried!

I spread it onto my face and realized it needed no special, careful blending! I can apply it like any skincare products without it streaking nor cause any unsightly, unnatural color patch.

The result: Very light made-up face with that illuminating glow.

 photo CIMG0650_zps1906cb68.jpg

Eyeshadow Palette

Gave this to Jesz as I have similar palettes as this. It consists of glittery white, silver, shimmery grey and dark grey. Great for creating shimmery, smoky looks!

 photo mascara_zpsfeb76409.jpg

Darling Lashes (Extra Volume Mascara in black)

The mascara wand comes in a 2-in-1 short & long brush. Ms Sidsel advised to use the shorter side to define and brush out the lashes first before enhancing them with the longer side.

I like how easy & fluttery my lashes becomes. They didn’t clump and 2 coats give a nice natural finish. However, the extra volume factor didn’t show up as much.

Gosh Cosmetics is exclusively available in Sasa outlets only. Click HERE for GOSH Cosmetics Facebook page.

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 Photo credit: Elaine73

With my darling blogger friends & our ootds! *Ahaha

 photo ab9b401e836f11e3a01e128d67715a4a_8_zpsd3948ea5.jpg

Sidetrack a little, I went to Koh Grill & Sushi Bar with Jacelyn, Elaine, Verlyn & Juliet. Finally tried the legendary Shiok Maki (what a late “bloomer” ;-p)!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Goodbye!



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