Urban Decay Naked3

The best thing about receiving a gift is when the person puts sweet thoughts into it & got you something that you will like & use a lot. 😉

Jesz got me my Valentine’s Day gift advance in January & I’ve been pretty much hyped up over it for some time! I didn’t bear to buy it for myself (dunno why, I’m always kinda stingy towards myself) & she, as usual surprised me big time. In return, I got her a bottle of her favourite Jimmy Choo EDT that she couldn’t find at some stores.

 photo naked3_zps2477843b.jpg

Anyway, here’s some photos of the S$83.00 Urban Decay Naked3 palette & its pretty rose-hued neutrals.

 photo CIMG0671_zps316869c0.jpg

 The palette includes a shadow/blending brush & an eyeshadow primer potion sampler with all four formulas (original, Sin, Eden and new Anti-Aging).

 photo eyeprimer_zps28b12ff3.jpg

Each sample is stated to hold one week’s supply but mine has lasted way longer as I find that little is better than more in terms of application.

 photo swatch1_zpsea07b358.jpg

 From beige to shimmery pinks, my favourite is ‘Buzz’ as it gives my lids that rosy glow & brightens up my peepers!

 photo swatch2_zps13e632e4.jpg

 Earth tones I heart too. I usually use ‘Darkside’ & ‘Blackheart’ to line/smudge my eyeliner. ‘Nooner’ looks different & wasn’t what I thought it would be!

 photo CIMG0732_zps0c0111df.jpg

One of the looks I did during Chinese New Year.

 photo CIMG0738_zpsfb8b8f0c.jpg

 A completed look to end the post.

Thanks to the gf for this useful every-day palette! ❤

(ps: I wanna have eyebrow embroidery done again! The brows filling-in & drawing is taking up too much time. Should I? Any recommendations?)



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