Daiso Collagen Cleansing Sheet

I am amazed by this Collagen Cleansing Sheet from Daiso!


Mom bought it from the Ion outlet 2 weeks ago to try since I didn’t manage to stock up my Biore wipes & usage in the house among the ladies have been quite heavy.

For a packet of 50 pieces at only SGD$2, I would say it’s frigging awesome! It is moist & removes all my makeup, including eyeliner & mascara easily. Yes, even better than Bioderma. I also use other makeup removal oil/lotion, but wipes are just so fuss-free!

Moist level: 4/5

Cleansing Power: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5

The only problem is that ever since that day Mom bought a couple of packets, she hasn’t been able to find available stock in Daiso anymore. I really hope this isn’t just a ‘seasonal’ product that Daiso brings in. If I see it on the shelves again, I might just lug home 10-20 packets of it. *keeping my fingers crossed!*



  1. Omg man I have been looking for this forever !! Forgot which Daiso I got it from and I want to buy more so desperately !! Please someone tell me where I can find more of it!



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