WHITE LABEL Premium Placenta Elastic White Skin Dark Eye Circle Tool

I have a big thing for eye products, or anything that promises to reduce my horribly dark dark circles, lines, wrinkles & age. I don’t go around buying tons of eye gels & creams though. I usually own 1-2 eye products at a time & make sure I diligently apply it twice daily.


Beauty Direct kindly sent over this White Label Premium Placenta Elastic White Skin Dark Eye Circle Tool for me to try! *Yay!

The light pinkish cream absorbs into the delicate eye area fast, provides moisture good enough for a quick eye massage. I left this tube at the girlfriend’s house for her to use. I use it only when I stay over at her place. So far, I think it works alright for me, brightening the eye area slightly but I ain’t too sure if it really can diminishes the dark circles so I got the gf to comment.

J’s review: Soft & gentle on the skin. Smooth-en and brighten the area around my eyes. There is an old bruise around my right eye which had some clots underneath; it seems less swollen now. (Herine: I think it’s coz of the massaging. She didn’t really use skincare regularly previously.) My wrinkles & dark circles are still there. Shall continue using to see if it helps.

Price: S$15.90 (Cheap for an eye product!)

Where to buy: Click here.


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