I'm loving it super short!

My obsession with short hair gets even more intense when I have short hair. Don’t get me? What I really meant was that whenever I cut my hair short, I have the urge to make it shorter & shorter. ;-p

 photo Thistothis_zpsd59bf649.jpg

And so… another few inches off the head! I went from short to super short!

Thanks to my hair sponsor, Salon De Choix!

 photo IMG_4236_zpsa63a0654.jpg

 It’s always comforting to have a hot cup of Mocha & some biscuits to munch on while sitting in the cold salon for hours. If you’re scared of the hot weather, don’t worry, Salon De Choix doesn’t scrimp on their aircon! And if you feel too cold, ask for the kimono robe! 😉

Before starting, my hairstylist, Chester & I discussed on what I wanted and if it’s suitable for me. I told him my bangs has grown so fast & became side swept long fringe which can be a hassle when I work or when the wind blows. Hence, I wanted to go back to bangs.

Yes, bangs that’s above or at my eyebrows. I spend a good amount of time drawing my eyebrows most days so it would be a waste if you can’t see them right? But that also means I can’t afford to be lazy skipping my brows! *LOL

After advising me on some little details here & there, Chester first snipped off some extra long curly hair before proceeding with my soft rebonding.

A hair treatment followed, with some steaming to lock the nutrients in.

 photo IMG_4238_zps1b989ca3.jpg

 Short hair needs treatment too!!

Chester then finalized the haircut…. *shave & cut* I love the blade. ;-D

 photo Before_zps287f424e.jpg


 photo After_zps172617ad.jpg


(My nose was swollen due to my sinus attack. Gosh I really need a nose job! It still looks big after editing!)

 Yeah, I got Chester to snip off the long side on the right as I started to spot more & more people/friends with the same hair after I gotten the cut. I love you guys but I don’t want couple hair with you already ahahha. It’s time to show you my big ear!!

How is it? Do you like this look on me? I was so happy washing my own hair because half a pump of shampoo works up lots of foam & I really feel I have nothing much to wash lah and this feeling rocks! See the back of my head? Got this natural ombre look lol. Will color next month instead so the hair can rest!

 photo Chesterampme_zps4e923253.jpg

 Thanks Chester for always working towards what I want even though I think it kinda scares him as I am probably the only beauty blogger he handles who wants her hair to go shorter & shorter each time. Okie lah, next month maybe nothing to cut except trim the bangs. ;-p

Check out the rest of my hairstyles done by Salon De Choix HERE.

Thinking of visiting Salon De Choix too? 

Quote “Herine” for a 15% discount off regular-priced hair services!

Ask for my hairstylist, Chester! He is off on Mondays FYI. ;-)

Call 6836 2959 to make your booking.

Salon De Choix is located at:

3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore S239519 (5 minutes walk from Somerset MRT)

Check them out on Facebook HERE!



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