Bibreeq Haircare Products

Bibreeq Puts Shine Back To My Hay Hair  

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Bibreeq means “glossy” in Arabic. It is natural head spa series born from the traditional Moroccan shampooing method. Compounded Ghassoul absorbs sebum and dirt. Moroccan beauty ingredients refreshes the bare skin and makes glossy and firm healthy hair.

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 Bibreeq Shining Shampoo, S$28.90

I  pumped out the shampoo onto my palm for the first time & was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s a clear gel liquid that evolves into a creamy wash after light massaging. The entire bathroom instantly smells like a floral garden as the scent of the product whipped into my hair & surrounding.

Rinse off with water, my hair feels less tangled than my usual experience with another brand.

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Bibreeq Shining Hair Pack, S$28.90

This light creamy rinse-off hair conditioner smells as good as the shampoo! It glides its way into my hair strands well & rinses off to a smooth but non-greasy touch. I come out of the shower with more shiny hair instead of the used-to-look-dry-and-matte hair.

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Bibreeq Shining Hair Oil, S$21.90

This leave-in hair oil helps repairs and smoothens hair . Result: neat & glossy hair.

The 1st time I use it, I forgot that it causes shine & I pumped twice for my short hair. It gave my hair the wet, glossy look which I wasn’t very used to. Subsequently, I only needed half a pump on my hair ends, while the remaining residue on the palms go into the hair body. This hair oil restores shine to my hair. However, I need to wash my hair the very next day as my scalp gets oily really fast.

I would imagine how nice it will be for women with long straight/perm hair. It will definitely gives the dead hair some life & “color” especially if you have super dry mane!

Update: Applied just one pump and slowly spread through my Mom’s ends & then the  hair body & it literally restore shine back to her super long, wavy & dry hair!

What do I think?

I love Bibreeq’s packaging. It gives me the I-am-on-a-holiday kinda feel. The products are non-silicone & sulfric acid free with ingredients such as argan oil, olive oil, almond oil, shea butter, rosemary leaf extract, cactus extract, damask rose oil & orange oil, I can rest assure that it’s a range of haircare products that really care.

I love the fragrance! It’s like I wash & condition my hair and also spritz in some perfume at the same time!

I think the hair oil will work better for longer hair and their ends. As my hair is really short & somehow stylish (I like to create a messy look) now, the oil gets to my roots more and I don’t fancy having a glossy look if I am gonna be out the whole day. It would be perfect only if I decide to sport a comb-back or sleek look. 😉

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