Happy Horse Year!

 Hello there you awesome people!

Chinese New Year is finally here! Not that I am super looking forward to, coz I ain’t a season kinda person but it’s the best time to spend more time with my family out of our busy schedules! And for this, I appreciate the existence of CNY celebration, even though what we do every year is just sitting around chatting, watching TV & eating non-stop. This is the one station I’ll stay, and one I love the most. 😉

I haven’t got any idea that it’s horse year! Anyway, the gf told me that I (ox) will have a fantastic 2014 which I really really hope so! I need to be richer, younger-looking & healthier! And also, a sexy body with gorgeous abs! *ahem ;-p

What’s your 2014 resolution?

 photo unnamed_zpsc11fdb8c.jpg

 Many many flowers for me & u to blossom? 😉

Before we start getting busy with visiting or simply stay on the couch all day long watching old TV dramas, let me wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!


(Image credit: www.123greetings.com)

Gong xi gong xi! Huat ah!

Stay tuned to this blog as there will be more reviews & a giveaway coming up! Lastly, a big thank you for being here with me all this while! I love u all! 😉

Herine Beauty – Face & Body will be closed from 31 Jan – 5 Feb 2014. Appointments will resume from 6 Feb.


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