Neogence Beauty Trip to Taiwan: Day 3 & 4


In this post, I’ll be covering the journey of Neogence 醫美深度之旅 for day 3 & 4.

 photo Day3collage_zps4a55d038.jpg

If you haven’t check out Day 1 & 2 posts, you may wanna hop over HERE & HERE. 😉

Day 3

 photo CIMG0446_zps07d8d46b.jpg

How about an OOTD while waiting for all to gather at hotel’s lobby?

Black beanie, Forever21 yellow sweater which I didn’t have many chances to wear in SG, skirt leggings & the same brown boots.

The weather was lovely, cool but not too cold as the first 2 days. We were set to head over to Neogence office for site visit & “lesson” together with all the bloggers/media friends from Malaysia, Hong Kong, China & Taiwan!

 photo unnamed11_zpsa494f76a.jpg

 photo CIMG0466_zps84b737a1.jpg

The beauty machine ‘Visia’ is developed to effectively analyse the skin, to detect problems and of course the good if one is lucky and takes care of her skin well.

It is amazing to see our friends learn about the different conditions of their skin so that they can better target the issues in future!

 photo unnamed23_zps8a4829b6.jpg

We had a lunch buffet at Climontine 克莉蒙丁麵包生活館 (Section 4, Xinyi Road) before we proceed back to Neogence office for another super interesting afternoon!

 photo CIMG0487_zps90aae844.jpg

(Photo credit: Neogence)

Dr. Hsieh Chien-Yang taught us how to test the quantity/quality of Hyaluronic acid present in a product & I thought that was extremely useful! Why pay a lot for a bottle of Hyaluronic Acid serum when it doesn’t even contain much of the wanted ingredient?!

 photo SaltTestCollage_zps66e8f6ae.jpg

Salt test between X brand & Neogence.

The product that contains less (or is it less authentic) hyaluronic acid lost its consistency & turned watery faster once salt is added to it.

And of which, I gotta highlight that Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence has won the “battle” against other competitors!

 photo CIMG0483_zps6148e6e4.jpg

Next, the highlight of Day 3 program: DIY-ing our very own Hyaluronic Acid Essence!!

(ps: I finally feel much more awake after the heavy buffet lunch!)

 photo CIMG0485_zpsea17c8ca.jpg

I was really excited to be able to feel like a chemist! *Hehe

After Dr. Hsieh went through the ingredients available for us to add in and what’s the unit suitable, we started measuring and mixing our very own “magic” potion!

 photo IMG_4227_zps5c1d80d7.jpg

Added in my preferred fragrance! Guess what did I put in? 😉

 photo IMG_4228_zpseef5f5a6.jpg

Tadah~ Herine’s customized Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Acid Serum!

 photo creditNeogence_zpsd9cc2e96.jpg

(Photo credit: Neogence)

Happy faces with our DIY serum!

 photo CIMG0507_zpse00cffc6.jpg

The fun doesn’t stop! We were ushered to LA Cafe which faces Taipei 101 for some coffee and jumpshots!

Is there any chance that I can get the high-resolution photos from Neogence?? 😉

Dinner was booked at Ding Tai Fung & I remembered trying to eat the huge amount of food that was being served continuously. It was the night that I had the most xiao long bao in my entire life.

 photo IMG_4229_zpse2cbf4ba.jpg

A special gift from Neogence – Name bracelet. They were so thoughtful & also apologized to me for not making it “Herine”. Awww silly them…. It’s true that I am known as Herine now, but Catherine is still in my identity card! 😉 I love this still okie! ❤

After the early dinner, I went back to our hotel room myself first to catch a short nap (could hardly keep my tired eyes open) & get ready for the countdown party at Barcode!

 photo unnamed9_zps610c7421.jpg

I believe per ticket costs SGD$85.

 photo CIMG0514_zps60aac45c.jpg

Dolled up!

 photo CIMG0515_zpsefb0aafd.jpg

Thank you so much to the lovely Neogence babes & hunks for all the efforts, including all the gorgeous props that were painstakingly handmade!

 photo CIMG0509_zps77e13549.jpg

Don’t Kiyora & I look pretty! *beams

 photo CIMG0512_zps54d33c4a.jpg

It’s party time!!

 photo CreditAngeline-collage_zps109b872c.jpg

(Photo credit: Angeline)

 photo FIREWORKS-Amy_zpsd2e12e4c.jpg

(Photo credit: Amy Yam)

Due to my petite size & height, I couldn’t see much of anything else except the gorgeous firework (mobile was dead & it was very crowded) but here’s a photo of the beautiful firework by Amy, our sweet blogger friend from Hong Kong. Super regret I didn’t bring my camera out to the party! Boohoo!

The party night ended really late as some of us decided to head down to dance & drink, and I got kinda sloshed. I really had a lot of fun though!

Day 4

 photo CollageChilis_zps6948b7a9.jpg

 Heavy brunch at Chili’s and we said our goodbyes to the rest.

 photo unnamed16_zps65fe91bb.jpg

Thanks Steven for sending Kiyora & I to the airport!

I am missing Taiwan already and a very big thank you to the dedicated Neogence team for making this trip a very fruitful one!



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