Neogence Beauty Trip to Taiwan: Day 2

After a long & tiring day 1, and finally catching up on some sleep, we were all pretty excited about day 2 in Taipei as the itinerary was packed with many programs!

 photo CIMG0299_zps1699dc2a.jpg

 Here’s Angeline & I getting a shot before boarding the mini bus catered by the lovely Neogence team to “ferry” us to their factory!

 photo CIMG0302_zps2496f831.jpg

So excited when we finally reached the place where the making & processing of Neogence products take place. I simply love visits to such places!

Neogence is a famous medical beauty specialist originated from Taiwan. With a research team consisting of professional dermatologists, it offers a series of products in accordance with weaknesses of Asian skin and climate. The brand mission is “sincerity, service and “environmental-friendly”: “sincerity “ represents a complete ingredient list that ensures safe and secured products; “service” means dedicated consultation; “environmental-friendly” stands for simple packing that reduce environmental degradation.

Read up more about Neogence HERE.

 photo CIMG0307_zps161a0717.jpg

OOTD: Purple peplum top with blue jeggings, brown boots, leather jacket & thick shawl

In order to keep the manufacturing plant hygienic, we were made to don on shower caps, masks & “socks” over our shoes.

This is definitely not the first time that I am learning about Neogence. Those who have been following this little space might have read about my reviews of some of Neogence products!

In February 2012, I was first introduced to Neogence Ace Revitalizing & Brightening Series, then I reviewed Neogence Ace Renewal & Repairing Mask. I attended Neogence Pore Solutions Launch in October 2012 with Dr. Hsieh Chien-Yang’s appearance.

How time flies!! I still had long hair then!

 photo CIMG0305_zps4e374594.jpg

1 with my roomate, Kiyora!

 photo Packingamppackagingcollage_zps4bfc3c25.jpg

Dr. Hsieh Chien-Yang & fellow Neogence crew personally brought us around & first, to the packaging area where we also had a mini packing competition between the 4 teams!  Duh~ my team lost.

 photo CIMG0334_zpsa4c64e53.jpg

What rendered for such an outift?

 photo CIMG0325_zpsfc8633b1.jpg

We were all geared up, sanitized our gloved hands….

 photo CIMG0331_zps0b630765.jpg

Stepped into a room where all remaining dirt was being “blow” off before we entered the manufacturing area where products ingredients were being handled.

 photo Mefillingcollage_zps0ba2df5a.jpg

That’s me having a go at filling up some serum into a bottle! I sure look like factory worker right! Hee~ I remembered working in a factory before when I was really young coz I wanted to experience!

 photo machinecollage_zps9e81c3b7.jpg

 photo CIMG0365_zpsaa814942.jpg

R&D works!

 photo BBcreamcollage_zpsfcaa05a8.jpg

This is how a BB cream is being formulated!

 photo blushermoisturizercollage_zpsbee19704.jpg

Something new is “brewing”… It moisturises, repairs and give your cheeks a nice blush. I hope this product will be launched really soon!

Our whole morning was indeed fruitful. I was so glad that I get to learn & understand how Neogence products come about and are being produced. That makes me even more confident in using as much as I love it! ;-D

 photo unnamed_zpse2f7fc55.jpg

Super frigging yummeh bento for lunch! Don’t see the fish like ugly-looking… it was the nicest ugly fish I ever had! 😉

 photo CIMG0409_zpsd139d215.jpg

In the afternoon, we went to 國泰金融中心 (Cathay Financial Center) for a press conference.

 photo CIMG0410_zpsa55fea0a.jpg

 photo pressconferencecollage_zps63c247a8.jpg

Special appearance of Malaysian Celebrity 馬來西亞影帝-謝佳見.

 photo unnamed2_zps486c36a9.jpg

 photo unnamed4_zps4cbb19a8.jpg

Glad to meet Nellie from Nanyang Press Holdings!

 photo CIMG0532_zpsa3db718f.jpg

Snagged this Neogence paperbag thumbdrive! Cuteness~~

 photo SASAcollage_zps109f5a0f.jpg

At the biggest Sasa outlet in Taipei!

 photo IceMonster_zps0bad9afb.jpg

Followed by some ice-cold dessert at Ice Monster! I tried the awesome Bubble Milk Tea Snow Ice. The portion was huge & I was elated that I checked off eating ice while feeling cold. ;-p

The day with Neogence crew ended in the evening & it was free & easy time!

Even though I was feeling extremely sleepy & cold & couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel room, I told myself no matter what I gotta visit the night markets with Kiyora! And I was glad I do, else I sure bring more regrets back to Singapore!

 photo CREDITKIYORA_zps5c6b9f9a.jpg

 (Image credit: Kiyora)

We visited Ximending 西門町 & Shilin 士林夜市! Had some yummy oyster egg & carrot cake….

 photo CIMG0440_zps1ec9f6f7.jpg

and 凉面! 

I ordered the medium spicy one & ended up with swollen lips lol. Nevertheless, I will still go back & eat at this stall if I go to Taipei again! I tried this noodles again the next day elsewhere & it sucked! So I know this is really good lah! 😉

Hope you enjoy reading what I had gone through on the 2nd day! If you’re interested, click HERE for Day 1 post.


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