New Hair for 2014!

After snipping my hair short, the monthly trimming has became an essential routine. Remember the short hairstyle that my hairstylist, Chester, designed for me last month? Click HERE if you haven’t seen!

I super love the cut & wish it can stay till CNY but unfortunately, short hair grows faster than longer hair so being a vainpot (actually I’m quite hiao lah but I like to gei-siao that I’m not), I must have my trim before CNY photo-bombing starts!

 photo CIMG0585_zpsdb066811.jpg

This new cut doesn’t seem very different from the previous one but read on to see what color have I gotten!

 photo BeforeCollage_zps4377aa4a.jpg

A collage of my before. Hair was growing way too fast!

 photo CIMG0540_zps7caaee1d.jpg

Before cutting, Chester decided to gave me some new highlights & base color first.

 photo CIMG0541_zps2187a483.jpg

Followed by a “Radiance Ritual” hair treatment. It’s priced from $139.

 photo CIMG0542_zps4ae110a3.jpg

Treatment & cut done!

 photo AfterCollage_zpsc7876e3f.jpg

Copper highlights at the side & back! 😉

 photo CIMG0586_zps55d5bf60.jpg

I was thinking this time round he might chop off my longer side so I was pleasantly surprised that he retained it. Well, that’s good since I might probably run out of hair to cut if I keep chopping it so frequent! ;-p

 photo meches_zps23cc6f8a.jpg

Chester & I.

 photo CIMG0592_zps94e58448.jpg

And my OOTD! 😉

Chinese New Year is approaching in 3 weeks time! Wanna get your hair done too?

Quote “Herine” for a 15% discount off regular-priced hair services!

Ask for my hairstylist, Chester! He is off on Mondays FYI. ;-)

Call 6836 2959 to make your booking.

Salon De Choix is located at:

3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore S239519 (5 minutes walk from Somerset MRT)

Check them out on Facebook HERE!


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