Neogence Beauty Trip to Taiwan: Day 1

Hello! So sorry for the 2-week hiatus!

I don’t know if you have heard me talking about this trip to Taipei on Facebook or Twitter but I was darn excited when it finally happened despite suffering from a bad gastric flu for a whole week prior to the trip. I was also my godbrother’s wedding “jiemei” (sister) the day before so I was so busy that I did not sleep a wink for 2 days straight! #almostdied

 photo CIMG0266_zpsea769e31.jpg

Thanks to Sasa Singapore & Neogence, Kiyora & I got the chance to make a fully sponsored trip to Taipei to understand more about the pharmaceutical beauty of Neogence!

Our itinerary for 4D3N was properly planned. The only tiny disappointment was the flight. Tiger Air was really cramped. A petite person like me felt suffocated, not to mention I was wearing boots.

On flight meal was provided. The lovely Neogence people had pre-ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice for us so we wouldn’t have to go hungry. I think I had 3 “breakfast” that morning! ;-p

 photo CIMG0267_zpsa341e842.jpg

The food box, tea & a bottle of water reached us & we spent 5 minutes trying to open it.

 photo CIMG0269_zps95ea0f2e.jpg

The top layer of rice was dry & hard. The chilli was too little and not spicy enough.

Check out the left portion of my food. It was vegetable. Old, black, dying vegetable. Totally fail lah this meal. Tiger Air, please buck up!

I am not intending to sound like a complaint queen here, just take my opinions as a reference should you decide to order any food on Tiger Air. 😉

 photo airport_zpsa7b6d6f9.jpg

Finally reached Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport!!

 photo airportgroup_zpsf9fd688d.jpg

 Thanks to the Neogence team for receiving us! 😉 (And some randon guy behind who looked like he’s gonna steal my luggage lol)

 photo CIMG0279_zpse8c969f9.jpg

Home Hotel was where we would be staying for the next 4 days!

 photo CIMG0282_zps55e9da86.jpg

No. 90, Sōngrén Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110 ‎

 photo CIMG0283_zps351a8de1.jpg

Bar at hotel lobby.

 photo CIMG0284_zpscfd43c94.jpg

 photo CIMG0286_zpscf484425.jpg

 photo CIMG0530_zpsd1342feb.jpg

 photo CIMG0529_zpsbec7644d.jpg

I didn’t take photo of the bag of products that Neogence prepared for me in the hotel room so here’s one I took at home instead. So many awesome products I see here!!

 photo CIMG0293_zpsd19ab158.jpg

Kiyora & I went out for a walk & the streets were so packed!


It was mad cold, around 11 degrees I think, Wind was so strong that I regretted only wearing a long sleeve hoodie & shawl. All I wanted to do was hide in the hotel room!

After a short rest, we were brought to A11 Shin Yeh 欣葉 古今旬菜, an Asian fusion restaurant at 台北市信義路5段7號85樓之1(台北101大樓). Extension building of Taipei 101, level 85.

 photo IMG_4194_zps12a61bb1.jpg

Regional of cold appetizers: Oven baked Mullet Roe coated with Squid Mousse, Jelly Fish, Hokkaido Scallop with Japanese soy sauce.

 photo IMG_4197_zps229351c6.jpg

台式佛跳墙。Taiwanese Signature Soup with Taro, Pork, Spare rib and Chicken.

 photo IMG_4199_zps42c26c69.jpg

Steamed South African Abalone.

 photo IMG_4201_zps4bd5346c.jpg

Sweet & Sour King Prawn.

 photo IMG_4204_zps50fddc7c.jpg

Sauteed Seasonal Bamboo.

 photo IMG_4205_zps4e364de4.jpg

Fried Rice with Tender Beef.

 photo IMG_4207_zpse2ec09cf.jpg

Season Fresh Fruits & Petite Sweets.

 photo IMG_4208_zpsc4df1ab0.jpg

 Sweetened Sago Cream.

This 8-course dinner was really frigging awesome! And I recovered most of my appetite. 😉

 photo teamgroup_zpsa6325e81.jpg

 A photo with my team mates & leader. (Pardon my no-smile face coz I was really exhausted)

foot reflex

 To end day 1 of Taipei trip, Kiyora brought me to Tong Hua & we had a 40 minutes foot massage session at 足林高手足體概念養生館 for 400TWD.

That’s all for 1st day! Stay tuned for the eventful 2nd & 3rd day posts! 😉



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