My Favourite Food Posts in 2013


Have you read about “My Favourite Beauty Posts in 2013“? Since I had the chance to recall the beauty posts I’ve written, I chanced upon many many food posts too! So how can I not do one on food? 😉

1) Platypus Kitchen


Affordable, yummy food. And most importantly, they took over nasty V8.

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2) Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant


Favourite Korean Restaurant. Not many pics for you to drool over, but if you need to know where it is…

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3) Pho Stop


Nice Vietnam food in Tanjong Pagar & I learnt how to make Vietnam summer roll!

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4) 100 AM


Food Tour with Channel U filming crew.

5) Ang Ku Kueh


How can a foodie not know how to cook nor make anything at all? Hence, Verlyn & I had a crash course at Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery to learn about nonya cakes/kuehs.

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 6) Casallena Tapas Wine Bar Bistro


My favourite makan place in The Grandstand (former Turf Club). Must check out all the food!!

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7) Sukhothai Kitchen


 Authentic thai food that’s friendly for the pocket!

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8) Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant


Think fat, fresh, juicy salmon with sweet, fragrant rice.

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9) Butterscotch Cafe

Nutella Choc Mousse Tart

New cafe in Bukit Merah opened by muslim. Love sweet? Try out their wickedly delicious desserts!

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10) I Wanna Get Stuffed


My favourite cafe in the neighbourhood!


I hope you foodies enjoy this post as much as I do!

Next up will be a lifestyle/personal post! 😉

See you!


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