Furballs Sunday!

It was a rainy Sunday, and since I didn’t have appointments that day, I proposed to sis & C to visit a place that I’ve been wanting to go for a long long time!

 photo unnamed10_zps5a8a8d47.jpg

BuiBui, Lulu & Lola, the little dancing queen.

We spent 2 hours with some cute doggies!

If you are wondering what is this place, it’s called We’re The Furballs.

The young owner who owns 7 dogs started this concept of allowing people to come & play with the resident furkids with just a small admission fee. This is really a brilliant idea as the pets lovers (or those who can’t own dogs) can now see & touch the dogs without having to with store assistant’s are-you-buying-this-dog-if-not-scram kind of look.

 photo IMG-20131211-WA0008_zpscc9c35ff.jpg

45 East Coast Road, Singapore 428765 (Opposite I12 & Roxy Square that stretch)

We paid $8.90 each & it covers a drink. We were allowed to spend as much time as we want there. (FYI: It’s $7.90 + drink on weekdays)

 photo unnamed6_zps54631df7.jpg

They have this prize catcher machine for you to “fish” some dog treats!

Sis changed a couple of coins & sent me to catch some nibblez. I think she sees highly of me & I don’t deny. LOL *flips sideburn*

 photo unnamed8_zps246e621d.jpg

With the little packet of treats, I was the King momentarily, or until the food finished.

 photo unnamed13_zps856485a4.jpg

Me, Mochi, Sis, Yuki-chan & C.

 photo unnamed9_zpsb6b025c5.jpg

That’s Lulu (poodle) & Slinky staying close with me. ;-p

 photo IMG-20131208-WA0005_zpsb2f493ae.jpg

Obviously the attention shifted to Sis when she has “Mum-mum” in her hand.

I felt sorry that all the dogs came running to us when I walked in with treats waving in the air. And the rest of the visitors gotta sit there watching. Really sorry!

 photo unnamed3_zps3821d405.jpg

Here’s BuiBui executing her mental power.

 photo unnamed_zps77bcfa8d.jpg

And she doesn’t move an inch nor bat an eyelid.

One of the guy visitor at a later point let BuiBui bite & somehow ate the wrapping paper! PLEASE lah, don’t ever do that! Dogs may not know it’s not edible, but you do right?!

 photo unnamed7_zps3fc44dde.jpg

Duchess got up the bench beside C, but I think she was hoping I have something for her.

 photo unnamed4_zpse29f0c29.jpg

 photo unnamed16_zps63a8d7a1.jpg

Sis with Mochi.

Only then, I realized she has no idea how to carry a dog. Haha. Poor Mochi in an awkward position.

S photo unnamed12_zps6b09d001.jpg

That’s Lulu with C & I.

Lulu is clever but also very realistic. She only comes to me & presents her paw when I have nibs nibs for her.

 photo unnamed18_zps01405dbb.jpg

Me with Mochi.

 photo unnamed19_zps96a3c6a7.jpg

She is such a darling, but always get bullied by the bigger dogs so she is separated from them.

 photo unnamed20_zpsf16a5d0f.jpg

Most times, she just loves to “nua” (relax) & lean on our hands. Sometimes, she licks non-stop.

 photo unnamed17_zps8cee4876.jpg

 This is Yuki-chan.

 photo IMG-20131208-WA0002_zps23127460.jpg

 We had such a great afternoon & will definitely be back! 😉

If you are interested in checking the place out too, click HERE for their Facebook page.



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