Hair Trends Choose You

Often, we tend to follow new hair trends but to be frank, the hair trends should be choosing us.

As much as I would love to attempt many different hairstyles (which I probably did when I had short hair for years), I gotta face the fact that I don’t suit certain trends.

Eg: Curls, sleek ponytail, centre parting.

 photo CIMG0075__zps50769fac.jpg

So after that major haircut last month, my hair seems to grow at an alarming speed & curl here & there. I tried styling but it’s sooooo stubborn!

 photo CIMG0077__zpsbe823d15.jpg

I thought maybe I can try to “sleek” it just like the angmoh celebrities but my forehead & receding hairline is showing way too much!

 photo CIMG0079__zpsfdb80594.jpg

Puff it up also cannot coz my hair was too limb to stand. ;-p

Hence, I decided it’s best to throw this pile of shit hay to my hairstylist, Chester. *Hurhur*

 photo CIMG0106_zps9570902d.jpg

Getting hair done at Salon De Choix.

First of all, to have my fringe/bangs down (so my huge forehead can be covered), my hair needs to be relatively straight. A rebonding touch-up is needed for the roots!

 photo CIMG0122_zps04ba7f40.jpg

Tea & biscuit to entertain my forever-growling stomach.

You know… the people at Salon De Choix are really damn sweet. My seat barely heated up & Alvin already asked me if I wanted cup noodles. “Huh, you think I pig ah? Everytime come here so hungry meh??” Hahahahhaa… actually I try to control lah coz I’ve been working out & eat TOO MUCH rice. x_X

But still, thanks Alvin! You are mad sweet & thoughtful!

 photo CIMG0123_zps4f640edb.jpg

Charging my phone coz it’s always low-batt one. And reading Michelle Chong’s interview on Elle magazine. 😉

Salon De Choix always have the newest magazines issues! And like I said before, going to the salon is the only time I can really sit down & read something! Not to forget their massage chairs at the washing basins!

 photo CIMG0109__zps925250eb.jpg

Rebonding done!

 photo CIMG0110__zps6a624711.jpg

The accidental flash shot that makes me look like I have flawless skin.

 photo CIMG0114__zpsda45b84e.jpg

My previous hair has faded to a very light reddish-brown & blond so Chester gave me a dark dye to make my hair looks healthier!

 photo CIMG0127__zpse258dd1f.jpg

 photo CIMG0115_zpse250e77e.jpg

Treatment is a must!

 photo CIMG0119__zps7fdfdd4b.jpg

20 mins treatment.

 photo CIMG0125_zps7b546657.jpg

After the final wash, Tar (alamak didn’t get her pretty face in here!) used a hot towel to massage my neck. It was so relaxing after sitting there for few hours!

 photo CIMG0139__zps92bede56.jpg

Chester shaved the side & the back of my hair a little more, styled with wax & spray & that’s it! 😉

The nape feels super cool after he took off all the thin layers of hair!

 photo CIMG0129__zpsdd15c917.jpg

Andro look on my left!

 photo CIMG0133__zpsc3d1ef00.jpg

Slight bit of feminine on the right!

 photo CIMG0145_zps8e70f351.jpg

And a sharp cut at the back! 😉

 photo CIMG0150_zpse8eba134.jpg

An intentional asymmetric cut.

Thanks Chester for spending so much time on my hair!

 photo CIMG0158__zps3470eccb.jpg

 photo CIMG0160__zps320ec187.jpg

I can look like 2 different person altogether! Hehe!

Does my hair suits me now?? 😉

Quote “Herine” for a 15% discount off regular-priced hair services!

Ask for my hairstylist, Chester! He is off on Mondays FYI. ;-)

recept counter

Call 6836 2959 to make your booking.

Salon De Choix is located at:

3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore S239519 (5 minutes walk from Somerset MRT)

 photo anigif_zpscccf20be.gif

Here’s my previous hairstyles by Salon De Choix!

Check them out on Facebook HERE!



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