Honeyz Cube x HKCplaza Pamper Party

Viv & I had a very rainy yet enjoyable Saturday afternoon number of weeks back at Dempsey road. We were there for Honeyzcube x HKCplaza party where manicures & slimming facial treatment awaits!


I still had long hair then. And my comfy but so me ootd!

Honeyz Cube is a beauty platform where you share & receive beauty insights.


HKCplaza is an online mall from Korea where you can find korean beauty, skincare, makeup to even fashion.



Vivienne & I.


The lazyass’ snapshot of Nail’s D’vine menu board for your reference.

*All customers are entitled to SGD$10 cab rebate. Original taxi receipt must be presented.




Most of the girls had a go at some slimming face treatment which I didn’t try coz I was so so lazy to have my makeup removed, put back & head out after the event.


I did read up on some good reviews though! Check out Karen’s (Renzze) informative & lovely post here.




Nails D’vine is really a beautiful place. We really felt like queens & princesses!


Pretty Juliana having her manicure done.


Here’s my P.Antarctica 77 Cream inspired nails!

LJH P.Antarctica 77 Cream is a moisture cream that contains 77% of P.Antarctica growing at the extreme low temperature of the Antarctic glaciers, ice plants & baobab tree extracts to provide a strong skin moisturising effect and to tighten pores (sage leaf extract) & soothes troubled skin. It also helps to fade scars and enhances skin regeneration.


I sorta miss my long hay-hair.

Enjoy 20% off any services purchased at www.HKCplaza.com/Nails-Dvine for the first 10 readers. (VIP code: Herine)

Redeem LJH P.Antarctica 77 Cream starter kit here.

Click HERE for HKCplaza Facebook page.

Click HERE for Honeyz Cube Facebook page.


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